Rules For Controlled Substances

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Rules For Controlled Substances

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Prescription Filing
3 Methods
Method 1
3 files: legend, C3 - C5, C2
Method 2
2 files: legend, C2 - C5 C3 - C5 must have a red 1" C stamped on the prescription
Method 3
2 files: legend + C3 - C5, C2 C3 - C5 must have a red 1" C stamped on the prescription
Must be kept and readily available for 2 yrs. controlled substances dispensed must be signed daily by pharmacist prescriber's DEA # required for C2 - C5 State Board of Pharmacy regulates pharmacists and pharmacies always go with the strictest law
Drug Product Selection
P&T (Pharmcy and Therapeutics) committee in hospitals is responsible for formulary review May substitute drug if: physician does't write "DAW" (dispense as written) purchaser requests or agrees price is equal to or less than brand name savings pass onto the consumer/3rd party payer "generic equivalent to"
Verification of DEA number
2 letter, first - type of prescriber, second - first letter of prescriber's last name 1. add 1st, 3rd, and 5th digit 2. add 2nd, 4th, and 6th digit, multiply by 2 3. add first answer to second answer, second digit of sum should be 7th digit in the DEA #