Romeo And Juliet ACT V Review

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"I dreamt my lady came and found me dead..." What part of Act V is this and what purpose does it serve?
At the beginning of Act V.  It serves to foreshadow the outcome of the play.
Why didn't Romeo ever receive the letter Friar Lawrence sent?
His messenger, Friar John, was detained in a house quarantined by suspicion of the plague.
Why does Romeo decide to poison himself?
Without Juliet in his life, he has no will to live.
What are the many effects of Juliet's drinking the poison?
Juliet's death is reported to Romeo, Romeo kills Paris, and Romeo kills himself.
How does Lady Montague die?
grief over Romeo's banishment (possible heart attack)
Why does Friar Lawrence go to the tomb?
He discovers that Romeo did not receive his message,so he has to go help Juliet when she wakes up.
When Romeo confronts Paris at the tomb, what does Romeo say to him?
Romeo tells Paris that he has no wish to fight him as he's there to kill himself.
From Romeo's comments as he looks upon Juliet, what does he find unusual about her?
She doesn't look dead.  There's color in her skin--her cheeks are red and she's still beautiful.
When the Prince asks, "Where be these enemies?" why doesn't he just ask where are the grieving fathers?
He wants to call to attention that their feud caused these deaths.
The central idea of Act V concerns which of these four?  chance/fate, evils of money/greed, blindness of love, or dangers of disobedience
the powers of chance
When Lord Montague says, "What manner is this/to press before thy father to a grave?" what is expressed?
It's not right for a child to die before the parent.
What would the Capulets and Montagues consider to be the theme of this play?
Hatred can cause one to be robbed of what is held dearest.
What is the flaw that leads to the characters' downfall?
What is the theme of the play?
Those who act quickly, without thinking, cause their own downfall.
What resolution is made as the result of the deaths?
The families are responsible for their deaths because of their feud; they chose to end the feud between the families.
What is the reconciliation considered gloomy?
Because the peace they made is overshadowed by the deaths of the two children.