Roman History & Culture : Part 1

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Roman History & Culture : Part 1

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    • Roman history is a mixture of
    • myth and fact
    • Rome’s greatest historian was
    • Livy
    • The trojan Aneas was
    •  the ancestor of the Roman people
    • Aneas’ son
    • Ascanius (aka Iuls)
    •  Ascanius
    • founded the town of Alba Longas
    • Romulus and Remus were
    • twin sons of Rhea Silva, a vestal virgin, and Mars, the god of war
    • The father of Rhea Silva  was
    • king Numitor
    • Rhea Silva’s evil uncle was
    • Amulius
    • Amulius
    • robbed King Numitor of his kingdom and threw Romulus and Remus (as infants) into the Tiber River
    •  The Shepherd ___ took the twins from the cave and raised them.
    • Mount Vesuvius erupted on
    • August 24, 79 AD
    • Mount Vesuvius erupted and buried
    • Pompeii & Herculcneum
    • Rome was founded in
    • 753 BC
    • 753 BC is the beginning of 
    • the Regal period
    • The first king of Rome was
    • Romulus
    •  The second king was
    • Numa Pompilius
    • Numa Pompilius was
    • a Sabine and was chosen by the people of Rome to make the Sabines living in Rome loyal to both tribes
    • Numa Pompilius
    • reformed the calendar that adjusted for solar and lunar years and established the offices of the priests
Numa Pompilius established 
    • the cult of the Vestal 
    • Numa was known for 
    • his wisdom and good laws
    • The nymph Egeria taught him
    • how to worship the gods and he in turn taught this to the Roman people
    • Tullius Hostillius
    • was the third king of Rome
    • As his name implies, Tullius Hostillius
    • he led Rome into much warfare
    • The next three kings of Rome
    • Anucus Marius, Tarquin Priaus and Servius Tullius
    • Servius Tullius was murdered by
        • his son-in-law Tarquinius Superbus
    • ”Superbus” means
    • proud or arrogant
    • Sextus Tarquin
    • dishonored Lucretia,a Roman woman known for her decency and high moral standards
    • Lucretia
    • committed suicide, believing that death was better than dishonor
    • Lucius Junius Brutus despised
    • injustice and the “entitlements” of the rich
    • Lucius Junius Brutus
    •  led the Romans in driving Tarquin and his son out of Rome
    • Brutus and Tarquinius Collatius
    • were elected the first pair of consuls
Tarquinius Collatius
    • the widower of Lucretia
    • The beginning of the Republic
    • 509 BC