Respiratory System

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Respiratory S Ystem

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what does respiration exchange and for what?
o2 and co2 to produce energy
what are the two distinct types of respiration?
ventulation oxygenation
what is ventilation?
air moves through the respiratory tract
what is oxygenation?
exchange of gas
upper consists of
nasal passages sinuses pharynx
lower consists of
trachea lungs bronchi bronchhioles alveoli
the uppers function
warming hummidifying and filtering air to the LRS
the lowers function
"passageway" for air until it reaches the alveoli
right lung
3 lobes
left lung
2 lobes
what is the pleural cavity lined by?
pariental and vesceral pleura
normal repiratory
12-20 per min
what is tachyphea
breathing over 24 per min
breathing under 12 per min
red flags for respiratory disorders
labored breathing use of accesory muscles abnormal breathing sounds hemoptysis prlonged cough orthophea deviated trachea
coughing up blood
what is asthma
chronic inflammatory disorder
what does asthma cause>
mucosal edema bronchospasm
asthma leads to
airway obstriction bronchial gyperresponsivness
s/s of asthma
sob wheezing chest tightness incresed HR
asthma triggers
allergies stress anxiety exersice temp pets
excercise induced usually happens withing
10 to 15
s/s of excercise indiced asthma
sob chest tighness
what is bronchitis
mucus and inflammation of the bronchial passages
acute bronchitis can be cause by
viral infection
chronin bronchitis is in
s/s of bronchitis
cough yellow/ green flem
what does bronchitis lead to
pneunoma is
inflammation of the alveoli caused by an infection
s/s of pneuinoma
sob shest pain cough dark discolored sputum
what is pleurisy or pluritis?
inflammation of the pleura causing subsequent pain   accumlation of fluid in the pleura
s/s of pleurisy
chest pain fever cough malaise
body aches
flu is a
viral infection usually during fall or winter
s/s of flu
rapid onset high fever malaise loss of appitite sore throat
allergies are triggered by
changing of seasons
s/s of allerhgies
ichy eyeas plugged ears headaches runny nosew thrpoat irritation
s/s of sinusitis
nasal congestion headache facial tightness dark yellow mucus
what is the cold
what is another name for the cold?
how long does the flue last ?
7-10 days
s/s of the cold
mild but annoying low grade fever cough nasal congestion runny nose sore throat
what is tuberculosis
bacterial infection of lungs
what does tb develop
granular tumors
s/s of tuberculosis
fever over 100 chills night sweat weight loos fatigue
most common cancer
symptoms of lung cnaver
fever fatigue weight loss cough chest pain sob
what is pnuemothorax`
gas or air trapped causing lung to collapse
who are more suseptible to pnemothir.
tall,skinny, males
sontaneous pneem.
absence of traumatic injury
moi of pneum
chest trauma pressure on lungs asthna lung disease
s/s of pneum.
sharp chest pain sob cough chest tightness travhea shift
accumilation of bood in the plueral space
moi hemo
trauma to chest wall rib freacture
s/s of hemo
sob chest pain rapid HR anxiety