Racism Chapter 5

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Race is?
Common set of physical characteristics may or may not share the same identity that holds a group together.
Ethnocentrism is?
An orientation or set of beliefs that holds ones own culture, ethnic or racial group, or nation that is superior to others.
-leads members to believe their culture is superior.
-feels that others should adopt that culture.
Racism is?
Stereotyping and generalizing about people, usually negatively because of race.
-a bias of discrimination against members of a racial minority group.
Prejudice is?
An opinion about an individual, group or phenomenon that is developed without proof or evidence.
-make negative prejudgment.
Discrimination is? 
IS the physical action & unequal treatment of people.
-denying members of a minority group equal access to opportunities, housing, memberships of religion & social organizations.
Jim Crow caste system?
*how African Americans were to act in front of whites, white supremacy
*embraced recital segregation,
*denied political and legal rights to African aAmericans.
*after the civil war these laws j
*used to teach African Americans that they were inferior, servile and passive to whites.
LIncoln believed that African Americans were...
Inferior to whites.
*they should not coexist in the same nation.
*promoted resettling blacks in foreign countries.
* he urged blacks to resettle in Central America.
Brown vs. board of education in 1954
Ruled that racial segregation in public school was unconstitutional.
Strategies against racism...
*mass media appeals
*increase interaction among racial and ethnic groups
*civil rights law
*affirmative action programs
*confrontation of racist & ethnic remarks & actions
*minority owned businesses
*grassroot organizations
Violence in America..
*frequent violence against Chinese.
*slave treatment by white slave owners. 
*after civil war, lynching of African Americans increased.
*lynching for minor offenses, seeking employment in a restaurant
*native Americans are subject to kidnapping, massacre, conquest, forced assimulation.
Racial & ethnics stereotypes..
Involve attributing a fixed and usually inaccurate or unfavorable conception to a racial or ethnic group. 
*we put people in categories since that is how we think.
Racial stereotypes involve differentiating people in terms of color or physical characteristics.
If people believe positive stereotypes, they will most likely believe negative ones. Ex:blacks r good at basketball. Native American Indians are alcoholics.
Institutional discrimination is
Prejudicial treatment in organizations based on official policies, overt behaviors, or behaviors that may be covert but approved by those with power. Organizational racism within agencies. 
Institutional racism are found in...
Educational systems.
Authoritarian personality is...
Is inflexible and rigid and has a low intolerance for uncertainty.
*this type of personality has a great respect for authority figures and quickly submits to their will.
* person with this personality views members of minority groups as being unconventional, degrades them, & tends to express authoritarism through prejudice and discrimination.
White supremacy is?
*the belief and promotion of the belief that white people are superior to other racial backgrounds.
*dominant belief in the US before American civil war.
*white lenders of 10 viewed native Americans, Chinese Americans, other people of color as inferior.
Criminal thinking related to racism?
Irrational beliefs that allow them to tell themselves that their behavior is acceptable.
*power thrust-view self as all powerful
*ownership-extreme form of control over others based on criminals attitude that his or her rights are unlimited.-disregard all personal &social boundaries.
*failure to considerinjury to others.-criminal minimizes or denies injuring victims by an immediate criminal act.
*lack of empathy & distorted self image.
Slavery in the US?
Slaves had come from well developed art form, political systems, family patterns, religious beliefs, and economic systems.
*they were prohibited from practicing and developing art, language , religion, and family life.
*slaves were treated as cattle to be bought & sold. 
*worked long hours in fields, profits went to owners.
*whipping, mutilation, and hangings were used for control.
*marriages were not recognized by law, slaves were sold with no value to marital ties or family.
*illegal for them to read or write.
Anglo-conformity ...
Assumes desirability of maintaining modified English institutions, language, and culture as the dominant standard in American life. Assimulation in America means Anglo-conformity. Most groups are ethically and culturally most similar to early British colonists.
Melting pot is?
Views the future American society not as a modified England but rather as a totally new blend, both culturally and biologically, of all the various groups that inhibit the US.
Cultural pluralism is?
Series of coexisting groups, each preserving its own tradition  and culture but each loyal to an overarching American nation. Some groups declare the importance of the past & some retained a strong sense of ethnic identity and have resisted Anglo-conformity and melting pot.
Native Americans view on eye contact 
Rude to attempt eye contact. Think it is a form of intimidation.
Institutional racism is?
Refers to discriminatory acts and policies against a racial group that pervade the major macro systems of society, including the legal, political, whereas others are not.
*policies and practices or procedures that systematically lead to unequal outcomes for people of color.
*a systems perspective on discrimination.
Truth about Race?
There are no clear biological classifications of people.
+no racial group has any unique or distinctive genes. 
+Race has social meanings for people.
+social definition of an African American due to physical characteristics or is know to have an african american ancestor is known to be african american.
+environmental factors appear to be the reason for differences in races. 
Human Rights and Social Justice, how are they alike?
Human Rights provide the SW profession with a global and contemporary set of guidelines.
Social justice tends to be defined in vague terminology such as fairness vs. unfairness... equality vs. inequality..
+Human rights have an authority that social justice lacks.
+Human rights can elicit discussion of common issues by people from all walks of life and every corner of the world.
Common between ethnic groups and racial groups?
Ethnic groups are a distinct group of people who share a common language, set of customs, history, culture, race, religion or origin. Race has a common set of characteristics.
+members of racial groups may or may not share a sense of togetherness or identity that holds a group together.
Ex: Japanese Americans have physical features and a sense of peoplehood.
+Roman Catholics can be an ethnic group, yet have a variety of races for its members.