Quiz For Lab Enzymes #4

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Quiz For Lab #4 Enzymes

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In the representation of a chemical reaction, what does the arrow stand for?
Reaction Process
The reactants in an enzymatic reaction are called what?
Where on an enzyme do substrates come together?
Active Site
If an enzyme is boiled, what happens to the enzyme?
If an enzyme is warmed, what happens to its activity?
Speeds up activity
A control for the effect of a warm temperature would lack what factor?
The enzyme
If more enzyme is used, what happens to the amount of product per unit time?
What must be held constant when testing the effect of enzyme concentration on enzyme activity?
the substrate
What product of the catalase reaction causes bubbling?
What is varied when testing the effect of pH on enzyme activity?
If the pH is unfavorable, what happens to enzyme activity?
Decreases/slows down or stops
What allowed you to measure the mount of enzyme activity?
The size of the bubble column