Purpose, Pattern And Process (Comp I)

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Four Purposes of Wrting
Expressive, Literary, Persuasive, Referential
Characteristics of Expressive Writing
Emontional responses, espression of values, self-definition, subjective language.
Characteristics of Literary Writing
Verisimilitutde, Tension, Artistic Unity (beginning, middle, end, theme, tone), Aesthetic Language
Characteristics of Persuasive Writing
Claim (assertion of writer's position), Support, Warrant (belief most people take for granted), Reader-oriented language
Characteristics of Referential Writing
Thesis, Evidence, Validity, Topic-Oriented Language
Patterns of Writing
Classification/Cormarison and contrast, Description, Narration, Evaluation
puts large amounts of information into groups or categories, shows how they relate to each
Physical uses 5 senses, Division breaks things into parts and examines the parts, Analysis breaks things into parts, defines parts, and shows relationships between parts
Organizes events into chronological sequence, narration of event, narration of process, cause and effect
Narration of event
potential, disturbance, conflict, crisis, and resolution
tells whether something is good or bad and explains the reasons why
Section 1 of paper structure
title, author, summary, interpretation of main point
Section 2 of paper structure
Purpose, characteristic of purpose, Patterns, examples from essay
Section 3 of paper structure
evaluates how well patterns were used, discusses if method was effective