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Psychology Chapter 14 Quiz

Psychology Ch Apter 14

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Modern attempts to classify psychological disorders date back to
Emil Kraepelin
An episode of intense sadness that may last for several months is called ____
major depressive disorder
The____ approach to psychological disorders suggest that we learn abnormal behaviors just as we learn other behaviors.
Disorders in which part of a person's personality is seperated from the rest and the person cannot reassble the pieces are know as ___
During an interview, a patient says he has frequently seen a hand come out of the bathroom sink to grab a bar of soap. The psychologist who is conducting the interview most likely writes that the patients presents evidence of
A person who is constantly "on edge" and always apprehensive most likely suffers from
generalized anxiety disorder
Re-experiencing a traumatic even long after the event is associated with ____ disorder
Biological theorists note that there is trong evidence that ___ play an important role in depression.
genetic factors
Excessive amounts of dopamine in the brain have been proposed as a cause of
According to the cognitive model of psychological disorders, maladaptive behavior is produced by
irrational beliefs or attitudes
Tom's speech makes no sense. He acts childlike and giggles for no apparent reason. TOm would likely be diagnosed as which type of schizophrenia?
While Sid is sitting at his desk at work an image of harming his yound son pops into his head. Each time this occurs, he touches all four corners of his desk in a particular order. Sid probably suffers from
obsessive-compulsive disorder  OCD
A severe reation that takes place immediately or very soon after an extremely stressful event is know as ___
acute stress disorder
A(n) ___ is an ittational behavior disorder which you cannot control
Learning helplessness is a possible explanation for which disorder?
THe biological models holds that abnormal behavior is related to ____.
hereditary factors
Although most psychologists take into account all of the definitions of abnormal behavior, many give SPECIAL attention to whihc of the following considerations?
maladjustment and personal distress dimensions
Dave's mother suggest that he talk to a doctor because of his crippling fear of inferiority. the doctor suggest that Dave's problem stems from internal processes such as unrealistic expectancies and negative thinking. This view is typical of the ____ model of abnormaltiy.
The belief that you are a special agent for the Intergalactic Supernova is an example of a
The ____ model asserts that cases of phobia are very likely to ocur when fear of being punished is shifted from some threatning object to some logically unrelated object.
Which of the following best describes the antisocial personality?
Lack of remorse or guilt
What are the two major categories of the the symptoms of schizophrenia?
negative and positive
The ____ approach to psychological disorders explains metal illness in much the same way that we today explain physical illnesses.
Th e___ approach to explaining psychological disorders stresses that events during childhood can lead to unresolved conflicts that manifest themselves as abnormal behavior.
Your aunt prefers to stay in her home and avoid public places and social situations. She would be diagnosed with:
If a person's comments and behaviors suggest that he or she might be thinking about suicide, asking direct questions about suicide:
should be followed by a call to a suicide prevention centers if the answers raise more concern about suicide
Martha vacuums the carpet in her living room 15 times a day. It is very likely that she is suffereing from which of the following disorders?
Disorders characterized by disturbances in a person's prolonged emotional state are know as ____ disorders.
A personality disorder characterized by marked instability in self-image, mood and interpersonal relationships is ___ personality disorder.
A patient in a mental hospital exhibits disordered thinking, perceptual obnormalties, unusual emotions, and suspiciousness. This person is probably suffering from.
Abnormally high energy level, distractibility, increased sex drive and positive self-image are MOST associated with which of the following disorders?
Of the following, which would probide the strongest evidence for a genetic component to schizophrenia
a high concordance rate among identical twins raised apart
The learning approach to psychological disorders suggests that:
abnormal behavior is learned just like normal behaviors
Someone with "stage fright" might have a
social phobia
A person who suffers from bipolar disorder alternates between
depression and mania
An overwhelming desire to set fires is called an
Last month Pam was giddy, impusive and talkative; this month she is sad, silent and almost motionless. What is the most likely diagnosis in this case?
bipolar disorder
Thinking in a self-defeating, illogical, and unrealistic manner causes abnormal behavior, according to the ____ model.
Whcih of the following people is most likely to commit suicide?
an elderly white male
An intense, paralyzing fear for a specific object, person, situation or thing in the absence of any real danger is a ____
phobic disorder