PSYCH EXAM #4 : Module 39: Schizophrenia

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 split mind, split from reality, NOT DID, you don't have different personalities A group of severe disorders characrerized by 3    
Schizophrenia -   A group of severe disorders characrerized by
  • 1. Disorganized and delusional thinking
  • 2. Disturbred perceptions
  • 3. ???
  • presence of inappropriate behaviors ex: hallucinations, talk in disorganized and deluded ways
Symptoms of Schizo Positive symptoms -
  • absences of appropriate behaviors ex: toneless voice, expressionless faces, mute
    Symptoms of Schizo Negative Symptoms -
    Thinking is fragmente, bizarre, and distorted by false beliefs (or persecutin (like someone is folowing you) or grandeur (like you are a king)
    Disorganized Thinking of schizo
    • delusions :
     sensory experiences w/o sensory stimulation
      • seeing, feeling, tasting, smelling things not there
      Disturbed Perceptions of Schizo
    • Hallucinations -
      • ex: laughing when talking about moms death
      • angry for no reason
      • flat affect (apathy)
    Emotion of Schizo
    • senseless, compulsive acts
      • ex: ?
    • Catatonia
      • ex: rocking back and forth
    Actions of schizo
    • 1/1000 develop this year
    • 24 million worldwide
    • symptoms typically start early adulthood (20s)
    Occurrence of Schizo
    Development of Schizo
    • 2 types
  • Acute (rective) Schizo
  • Chronic (process) Schizophrenia
    • recovery more likely
    • More positive symptoms (respond to meds)
    Acute (rective) Schizo
    • Recovery is doubtful
    • More negative Symptoms (withdrawal)
    Chronic (process) Schizophrenia
     ? is a disease of the brain
    • there is extreme dopamine overactivity
    • abnormal brain activity
    • Maternal virus during mid pregnancy
      Understanding Schizo
    Psychological factors