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Juanita is having a normal pregnancy, and everything is developing well. She has, however, recently picked up an infection, and bacteria have accumulated in her bloodstream, We know that most likely:
the bacteria will be filtered out by the placenta and will not reach the fetus.
______ uses a powerful magnet and radio images to generate detailed images of the body's organs and structures.
Which of the following statements is true regarding the differences between outcomes for dopted and nonadopted children?
Children who are adopted very early in their lives are more likely to have positive outcomes than children adopted later in life.
A fertilized human egg cannot grow into a crocodile, duck or fish specifically because of:
genetic code.
Linda's baby is about to be born. The baby's head is at the top of the uterus, and the baby's lower extremities are on the cervix. This situation is:
called a breech position.
Sylvia has severe cystic acne and is taking Accutane, a drug prescribed by her doctor. She has just discovered that she is pregnant. Her doctor told her that she should:
stop taking Acutane immediately.
Before delivery of her baby, Jawhara experiences several traumatic life changes. She seperates from her husband, discovers that her mother is seriously ill, and begins a more stressful job. Will Jawhara's baby be significantly affected by all the stress in Jawhara's life?
Yes, the baby will be at risk for ADHD and language delays.
Sakari's child hsa been found to have cognitive and neurological deficits. Her doctor asks about her health history and finds that she does not smoke, drink, or use marijuana or amphetamines. Which of the following is another possible explanation of her child's difficulties?
Sakari uses cocaine.
Sarah is a 20 year old college student who is paralyzed from her waist down. She can walk with difficulty with crutches but prefers her wheelchair. She tells you that her condition is due to a birth defect. Which of the following birth defects did Sarah MOST likely have?
spina bifida
Emma and Anna are identical twins who were adopted by different families a few weeks after birth. Although genetically identical, they grew up with different physical and psychological characteristics. For example, though both inherited a tendency to grow large, Anna was slim and athletic due to the active lifestyle practiced in her adoptive family. This variablity can be explained by how:
for each genotype, a range of phenotypes can be expressed.
Which of the following is more likely to occur in the child of a woman who smokes?
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
______ is the evolutionary process by which those individuals of a species that are the ones that survive and reproduce.
Natural selection
Angelo is 7 years old and has been diagnosed with a leraning disability. In addition, he often seems highly excitable and is impulsive. It is possible that Angelo's mother used ______ while pregnant.
Which of the following statements is FALSE about the effect of substane abuse by pregnant mothers?
Marijuana exposure is related to higher intelligence in children.
Sidney is expecting her first child. She has just recently begun to feel kicking movements. Sidney is most likely in the _____ month of her pregnancy.