Property And Casualty

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  The person, organization or business covered by the insurance policy is referred to as:

To restore an insured to the prior financial condition that existed prior to the loss is considered:
Which of the following would NOT be an insurable interest:

“Speculative Risk”   is a chance of both a gain and a loss. Speculative risks are NOT insurable.
What are the five methods of Risk Management:
“Share, Transfer, Avoid, Retain, Reduce” STARR  
A contract in which the amount of money to be given up by each party is NOT equal is considered:
The definition of a peril is:
A cause of loss
Lines of Insurance that require rates to be filed and approved by the state before they can be used would be:
Prior Approval
The principle of restoring a victim of loss to the same financial position as before the loss occurred is called:
Insurance represents which way of dealing with risk?
For property and casualty insurance, insurable interest must exist:
at the time of loss  
Things that increase the likelihood of a loss or the seriousness of a loss are called:
An insurer formed under the laws of the state in which an insurance policy is written is called:
a domestic insurer
Authority of an agent that the public may reasonably believe the agent to have is called:
apparent authority
Failure to use the degree of care of a reasonable person is called:
An unbroken chain of cause and effect between an occurrence of an insured peril and resulting injury is called:
proximate cause