Prefixes, Base Words, Roots, And Suffixes

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Prefixes, Base Words, Roots, And Suffixes

Practice The Following Prefixes, Suffixes, Roots, And Base Words. 

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con- example: conform
prefix: "with, together"
in- example: inspect
prefix: "not, without" or "into"
scrib, script example: inscription
root: "write"
duc, duct example: conductor
root: "take, lead"
-or examples: investor, humor
suffix: "person who" or "condition or activity" (noun ending)
-ed example: jumped
suffix: past tense verb ending (verb or adjective ending)
-ing example: popping
suffix: present participle verb ending (verb, noun, or adjective ending)
-er example: rapper
suffix: "someone who, something that" (noun ending)
-dom example: freedom
suffix: "state of being" (noun ending)
-ful example: prideful
suffix: "full of" (adjective ending)
re- example: replay
prefix: "back, again"
pre- example: preheat
prefix: "before"
trans- example: transmit
prefix: "across"
de- example: deform
prefix: "away from"
tract example: tractor
root: "pull"
-en example: wooden
suffix: "made of" (verb or adjective ending)
form example: reform
root: "shape"
-ist example: vocalist
suffix: "someone who" (noun ending)
-less example: sleepless
suffix: "without" (adjective ending)
-ment example: statement
suffix: "state of" (noun ending)
mis- example: misprint
prefix: "wrong"
port example: portable
root: "carry"