Political Science Test 3 (The Media)

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Political Science Test 3 (The Media)

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What are the 3 most powerfull ways the media infuencies voters?
- agender setting
- priming
- framing
Define agender setting?
when the media tells the public what topics are important by focusing on them (setting the agenda)

 they are telling the people what to think about.
what are the two kind of agenda setting?
saturation effect  (ex. 9/11 coverage)

consistency/ trickle effect  (ex. bird flue coverage, global warming coverage)
Define priming
when the media establishes criteria that voters use to judge/ evaluate politicians

with priming the media is essentially teelling voters what issues to evaluate politicians performance on.
Define Framing?
when the media induces people to think about an issue from a certain standpoint

with framing the media is essentially telling viewers how to understand a new story.
Media effects on individuals depends on what?
political sophiscation: Experts & Novice
What are the different ways candidates use the media to influence voters?
setting the aggenda through media coverage (press release, interview etc)

campaign ads

New technologies
How are candidate setting the agenda?
they try to manipulate coverage of themeselves and  issues using:
-press releases and conferences
-passign legislation
-giving interviews
-staged political events
what are the effects of campaing ads?
-they are expensive but very effective in getting more media coverage, and increasing name recogniction and votes.

-positive and negative (except mudslinging) are both effective in getting media coverage and votes
What is mudslinging?
eatream negative advertiding against the other candidate