PMP Chapter 10 - Communications

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PMP Chapter 10 - Communications

PMP Chapter 10 - Communications  Vocabulary

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Communications Management Plan
A document created to define the project communication needs based on stakeholder needs
Communications Infrastructure
Tools and techniques used to create the foundation for information transfer on a project
Distribute Information
Deliver needed project information to stakeholders in an appropriate timeframe
Exception Report
A report that includes significant variations from the planned activities
Estimates related to future project performance that are based on historical information and current project knowledge
Identify Stakeholders
The process of identifying all people or entities that are impacted by the project and detailing their involvement and impact on the project
Kickoff Meeting
A meeting used to initiate the start of the project; typically attended by all the key stakeholders; can be done when Initiating or Planning is complete depending upon the organization
Manage Stakeholder Expectations
The process of communicating with the stakeholders to determine their expectations and addressing issues in a timely manner
Performance Measurement Baseline
An integrated scope-schedule-cost plan that is used as the basis for execution measurement and performance management
Performance Reporting (Output/Input)
The collection and interpretation of performance data; can include status, progress, and forecast reports
Plan Communications
The process of defining a communications approach for the project
Progress Report
A report that states what has been accomplished in a specific amount of time on the project (but not the entire project)
Project Communications Management
The processes required to ensure that project information is amassed and distributed in a timely and appropriate manner to the appropriate parties
Project Forecasting
A reporting method in which future performance is estimated based on past performance of the project
Report Performance
The process of amassing and disseminating information regarding project performance and including such documents as status reports and forecasts.
Status Report
A report that states the current shape or state of the project to date
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