Plant Growth And Adaptations

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Plant Growth And Adaptations

Vocabulary Chapter 3 Harcourt Science
4th Grade

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Carbon Dioxide
A gas  breathed out by animals
Substances, such as minerals, which all living things need in order to grow
The process by which a plant makes its own food
The condition in which each feature on one half of an object has a matching feature on the other half
The giving off of water vapor by plants
A plant's single main root that goes deep into the soil
Fibrous Root
Long roots that grow near the surface; A root system with many roots of the same size
To sprout; as from a seed
Tiny cells that ferns and fungi use to reproduce
A swollen underground stem
How does Light and Putting Together describe the process of photosynthesis
The leaves use the energy from lightto put together the carbon dioxide and water to make sugar.  Leaves take in Carbon Dioxide & roots take in Water
Traps the sunlight in a plant's leaves