Phlebotomy Chapter 2

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Phlebotomy Chapter 2

Phlebotomy Essentials 4th Edition Chapter 2

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JCAHO (Joint Commissions on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations) 
Establishes standards for the operation of hospitals and other healthcare facilities
Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services
Sentinel Event
Early warning
Objective guides used to monitor all aspects of patient care
Threshold Values
Which manual describes the chemical, electrical, and radiation safety for the laboratory?
Safety Manual
All consequences of a medical procedure have been given to the patient.... is what kind of consent?
Informed consent
A national organization that develops guidelines and sets standards for laboratory procedures
CLSI (Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute)
Respondeat Superior
The employer is held responsible for any damages that an employee causes within his training or duties
An act or threat  causing another to be in fear of immediate battery
Use of force on a person without consent or legal justification
Delta Check
Comparing new test results with old ones--- Same test, Same patient
Internal Report
A form that states the concern and corrective action when a problem occurs
A type of negligence committed by a professional 
Failure to keep privileged medical information private is a...?
Breach of Confidentiality