Petra Allied Health CNA Session 2 Medical Term And Abbrev

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Petra Allied Health CNA Session 2 Medical Term And Abbrev

Petra Allied Health CNA Sesssion 2 Medical Terms And Abbrev

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What does PASS mean:
Pull Pin, Aim at base of fire, Squeeze Handle, Swept back and forth and base of fire.
What does RACE mean:
Remove residents form danger, Activate 911, Confine fire if possible, Extenquish fire or let FD extenquish.
What does CPR mean:
cardiopulmonary resucitation
What are admoninal thrust?
method of attempting to remove an object from the air way of a concious choking person
What does CVA mean:
Cerebralvascular accident
MI stands for?
myocardial infarction
What does IDDM mean
Insulin Dependent Diebitic Mellitus
What does NIDDM mean
Non Insulin Dependent Diebietic Mellitus
What is insuliln shock a result of?
too much insulin
What is diabetic coma a result of?
too little insulin
What is pathogen?
harmful microorganisms
What does Asepsis mean
No pathogens are present
What does CDC stand for?
Center for Disease Control
PPE means
Personal Protective Equipment
HBV means
Hepatitist B virus
MRSA stand for
Methicillin-resistant Staphyloccus Aureus
TB indicates
AIDS stands for
Acquired Immune Dificency Syndrome
MSDS means
Material Safety Date Sheet
OSHA means
Occupational Safety and Health Administrtation
Bonus:  Explain HAND
K.I.I.E.W.P. Knock on door Identify yourself Identify the resident Explain the proceedure Wash hands Provide Privacy