P.E. Exam 2

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P.E. Exam 2

P.E. Flashcards On Badminton.

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Players can hold the racket _______________.
Any way they want
During play, the shuttle can not ________ the net.
During play, rackets are not allowed to touch the ____.
A shuttle that lands on the ___ is IN bounds.
The _____ court is long and narrow.
In singles, the server with and ____ score, serves from the _____.
even, right
Only one server on a ______ team may serve at the ________ of each game.
doubles, beginning
A player who _____ the game, serves at the beginning of the next game.
You must win by _ points.
The service court in ______ is long and ____.
doubles, wide
________ serves are not allowed.
Players can not ___ the birdie ______ in a row.
hit, twice
A fault has occurred when a player _____________.
touches the net
When serving, the ____ of the racket must be _____ the servers hand, and you hit the shuttle below the _____.
head, below, waist
Players must serve the shuttle _______.