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Immunolgoic Diseases And Conditions, And Signs And Symptoms

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 what is Scleroderma (Systemic Sclerosis)
is a chronic, progressive disease, characterized by mostly sclerosis of the skin.
What is rheumatoid arthritis
is a chronic, inflammatory, systemic disease that affects the joints 
signs and symptoms of Rhuematoid Arthritis
inflammation and edema of the synovial joints. has the capacity to deform joints, and destroy adjacent bone.
Ankylosing Spondylitis
is a systemic, usually progressive, inflammatory disease affecting the primary spinal column.
is a disease of muscle that features inflammation of the muscle fibers. affects mostly the muscles closest to the trunk.
Multiple Sclerosis
is an inflammation disease of the CNS.
Signs and Symptoms of MS
Opitc Neuritis, Loss of vision in one eye , Vertigo, Diplopia, Weakness or numbness in one or more limbs
Myasthenia Gravis
is a chronic, progressive neurological disease that is thought to stem from the presence of antibodies to the acetylcholine receptors.
Signs and symptoms of Myasthenia Gravis
characterized by extreme muscular weakness (without atrophy) and progressive fatigure
Small Vessel Vasculitis
primarily affects the capillaries, arterioles, and venules
signs and symptoms of Small Vessel Vasculitis
causes petechiae (nonblanching), purpura, erythema, ulcerations, and edema; most often on the skin and lower extremities. 
Systemic Necrotizing Vasculitis
Primarily affects mediuma and large arteries. 
signs and symptoms of Necrotizing Vasculitis
headache, fever, weakness, malaise, anorexia, and weight loss