Paleolithic Art Vocabulary

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Paleolithic Period
Old Stone Age
Neolithic Age
New Stone Age
A complete change, a change that is major and sometimes sudden.
Neolithic Revolution
The Neolithic Revolution was a change from hunting and gathering to farming or from food gathering to food producers. This process took thousands of years
This word is used to describe a type of society in which people farm and produce their own food. We currently live in an Agrarian society.
Involves producing crops and raising livestock as well preparing crops and livestock to be eaten. Note that crops and livestock vary from place to place according to climate.
To tame animals for human purposes. Dogs were the first to be tamed to help in hunting. Goats were also tamed early on and used for meat and milk.
A way which a society is organized. In a hierachical society, some people have more power and wealth than others. People who are in power in a hierachical society may resort to violence to maintain their social position.
A way which a society is organized. A society which people are "equal" and share wealth. People work together peacfeully.
A society ruled by women.
A society ruled by men.