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Reactions From Chapters 1-12

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Alkyne to cis-alkene
H2, Ni2B
Alkyne to trans-alkene
1) Li in NH3 2) NH4 Cl
Hydrohalogenation (Br to an alkene)
Hydration (OH to an alkene)
H30+, H2O
Dihalogenation (anti-Br addition)
Halohydrin Formation (anti-OH+Br addition)
Br2 in H2O
Markovinov OH addition (no rearangement)
1)Hg(OAc)2, HOR (C or H) 2) NaBH4, OH-
Anti Markovnikov OH addition
1) BH3, THF 2) H2O2, OH-
syn- 2 OH addition
1)OsO4 2) NaHSO3
Carbon Triangle addition
CH2I2, Zn (Cu)
Double Bond Cleavage
1) O3 2) Zn, HOAc
Alkyl Halides from Alcohols
PBr3 or SOCl2
Cl Triangle
Halogenation of Alkenes
Br2 + heat or light
Anti-Markovnikov addition of HBr to Alkenes
Peroxide + heat
Ethers from alcohols
Epoxides from Alkenes
Anti 1-2 Alcohols from Epoxidation
Open epoxide with H2SO4 in H2O
Carboxylic Acid or Ester to Primary Alcohol
1) Li AlH4, Et2O 2) H2O, H2SO4
Ketone or Aldehyde to Primary Alcohol
1)NaBH4 2) H2O
Primary Alchohol to Aldehyde
PCC in CH2Cl2
Primary Alcohol to Carboxylic Acid
KMnO4 in OH-, H2O
Secondary Alcohol to Ketone
H2CrO4 in acetone
Aldehyde to Secondary alc.
Ketone to Tertiary alc.
Ester to Tertiary alc.
Two Grignards
Alkynides + Ketones or Aldehydes
Secondary or Tertiary alc.
Gringard + Epoxide
R group attacks less-substituted carbon atom in the ring