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Base and Heat(CH3)3CO- +KOn C-C bonded with H and X
Base takes proton and kicks off X making double bond
Vicinal dibromide with NaI and acetone
Removes halogens and creates double bond
Dehydration of single alcohol groupConc. H2SO4 or H3PO4 and heat
removes proton and kicks off OH group yielding double bond and water
regular alkane plus heat and catalyst (Pt)
Alkyne with H2, Pd/BaSO4
cis alkene
Alkyne with Na, NH3
trans alkene
Ketone with Ph3P=CHR
Ketone=CHR    +    Ph3P=O
Alkene + H-X   NO ROOR
Markovnikov addition of X to make alkane
Alkene + H-X WITH ROOR
anti-Markovnikov addition of X to make alkane
Acid catalyzed hydrationalkene + H20 + ACID (H2SO4)
Markovnikov addition of OH group
Alkene + 1) Hg(OAc)2, H2O2) NaBH4
1) Markov addition of *OH* and HgOAc group2) Replacement of HgOAc with H
Alkene +1) Hg(OAc)2, ROH2) NaBH4 
1) Markov addition of *RO* and HgOAc2) Replacement of HgOAc with H
Alkene +1) BH3 - THF2) H202, -OH
1) anti-Markov of *H* and BH22) Replacement of BH2 with OH
Alkene + H and Metal (Pt, Pd, Ni)
Saturated Alkane
Cyclopropanation:Alkene + C-XY 
Alkane with cyclopropane
Alkane + X2 or NBS
Anti-addition of two X's making a transNBS adds trace amounts of Br
Alkene + X2 and H2O
anti-addition MARKOVNIKOV of OH and X
Alkene + peroxyacid
Epoixde ring!
Alkene + C=OOOH and H3O
Trans OH groups
Alkene + COLD dilute KMnO4 (or OsO4, H2O2) and OH, H2O
Syn addition of OH groups
Alkene + 1) O32) (CH3)2 S
1) Ozonide forms2) splits to form a ketone and an aldehyde
Alkene + WARM KMnO4 
splits to form ketone and aldehyde (oxidized with OH group)