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What does horizontal axis of EKG paper rep?
What does vertical axis of EKG paper rep?
amplitude (milivolts)
What does distance in one small square represent in horizontal axis?
.04 seconds
what does distance across one one lg square in in paper represent?
.2 seconds
On vertical axis, what does one small square represent?
on vert. axis, what does one larrge square represent?
0.5 mV
This wave is the recording of the spread of depolarization through the atrial myocardium from start to finish.
P wave
Draw the wave that shows the conduction pause at the AV node
see p. 21
What is the first downward deflection called?
Q wave
First upward deflection?
R wave
First downward deflection following an upward deflection is
an S wave
What part represents septal depolarization? Draw it.
Q wave. p. 26
What does teh T wave represent? Draw it
Ventricular repolarization. p. 27
A segment connects two....
An interval.....
encompasses at least one wave plus the connecting straight line
What does the PR interval include/represent?Draw it
Pwave and straight line connecting it to QRS complex. Measures start of atrial depolarization to start of ventricular dep.
What does PR segment include rep?Draw it.
End of p wave to start of QRS. End of atrial depolarization to start of ventricular depolarization p. 29
ST segment. Draw and state what it represents
End of ventricular depolarization to beginning of ventricular repolarization
What does QT interval include/represent. Draw it
QRS complex, ST segment, and T wave. Measures time from beginning of vent. depol. to end of vent. repol.
What does QRS complex measure?
duration of ventricular depolarization
Each lead represents a particular________ of the heart
How many leads make up the precordial leads?
How many limb leads are there?
The limb leads view the heart in a vertical plane called the ______________ plane
frontal (a coronal plane, moving up and down and left and right on the frontal plane)
Table of Inferior Leads, Left Lateral , and AVR and their angles
See drawing
The precordial leads record forces moving __________and ________________
posteriorly and anteriorly
Draw the placement of the precordial leads
p. 43
V1, V2,V3,V4 are referred to as what type of leads?
Leads I, AVL, and V5, V6 are referred to as which leads?
Left lateral
Which leads are the inferior leads?
In which Lead is the p wave usu most positive and neg?
Lead II most postitive and most negative AVR
In leads III and V1, the P wave is
The amplitude of the P wave does not normally exceed______mv or _____mm or ____squares
.25mV,2.5mm two and a half small squares,
The PR interval is usu lasts how long? how is this represented on EKG strip?
.12 to .2 seconds. 3-5mm on EKG paper.
What does the Q wave represent?
Septal depolarization
In which leads are Q waves represented?
Left lateral leads: Leads I, AVL, V5, V6. sometimes in inferior leads V3 and V4
In which lead is the QRS complex deeply negative?
Lead AVR
Distance across one small square
.04 seconds.