Oceans Test 3

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Oceans Test 3

YEEEEEEE. Ok. Aaaaaaah. Oceans. 

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The main force driving thermahaline circulation is
An estuary in which salinties tend to be higher away from the ocean entrance than near the ocean entrance is a ...
reverse estuary
when the sun and moon are in line with the Earth,
the highest and lowest tides will occur
The single most influential agent changin the shore and coast is ...
wave action
A summer beach is a characteritiscally...
broad and covered with sand
T/F The dynamic theory for tides focuses on the effects of celestial mechanics on sea level
As wind waves move out of a storm area...
the waves are sorted by velocity and form the swell
Steep, narrow, rocky beaches are usually found in areas of 
high wave energy
______ has the greatest influence on ocean tides
the moon
The energy that drives the longshore currents is derived from...
wind waves approaching the beacfront at an angel
Waves with the greatest propagation rate or velocity...
have the longest wavelenghts
If a beach is wide, with gently sloping with fine sands, we would expect to see...
generally small waves winter and summer
T/F Eustatic changes are varations in the sea level that can be measured all over the world ocean
A wave of water moving up a river, initiated by tidal action and normal resonances within a river estuary is called...
a tidal bore
T/F a spring tide is higher than a neap tide, the onyl occurs during the spring and summer months in each hemisphere
Water particles in a deep-water wave...
move in circular orbits
The side of the Earth facing the moon will experience a high tide, while the opposite side of the Earth will have a ____ 
hide tide also
The tides at any one location will result from the interaction of..
all of the above
The wavelenghts of light that penetrate deepest into the ocean are...
green and blue
_______ are first waves that start to form with wind
Capillary waves
T/F Dynamic theory for tides focuses ont he effects of celestial mechanics on sea level
In shallow water, the motion of water particles...
becomes a back and forth motion near the bottom
Which of the following is generalyl true for depositional coasts
all of the above
A tide pattern of one high and one low each day describes a ....
diurnal tide
an amphidromic point is a ...
"no tide" point int eh ocean around which the tide crest rotates
The only marine energy source being successfully exploited is ...
tidal currents
the distance measured from trough to trough of a wave is ...
the wavelenght
waves transmit _____, not mass across the ocean's surface
waves of high amplitude, restoring force is....
________ waves have the most energy assosiated with them
Which of these lists is arranged in order from smallest wavelenghts to longest
wind waves, sieches, tshunamis, tides
the origin of sea cliffs, sea stacks, sea caves, blowholes, and arches are related to
erosion by waves
Human activities that have contributed to shoreline erosion include...
all of the above
the hydrogen atoms in a water molecules tend to bond to 
oxygen atoms of ANOTHER water molecule
The ocean is slow to heat or cool. This is related to a property of water known as 
high heat capicity
The ocean is stratified with respect to...
all of the above