Nutrition And Wellness Test Review

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eating 5 or so small meals throughout the day instead of three large ones
people, things, and qualities that will help you reach a goal
beliefs and concepts that a person holds important
eating patterns
a mix of food customs and habits that include when, what, and how much you eat
main dish
only eats food from plants
lacto vegetarian
eat foods from plants and dairy
ovo vegetarian
eat foods from plants and eggs
lacto ovo vegetarian
eat foods from plant, dairy, and eggs
eats no red meat, but eats poultry and fish
pressed cake or fermented, cooked soy beans mixed with grain, usually rice
wheat glutten is used to make this
is made from fungal protein in the mushroom family
multiple roles
specific responsibilities based on relationships
plan for managing money
basic items: milk, bread, cheese
surplus food purchased from farmers and distributed to those in need of food assistance
scratch cooking
preparing a dish from basic ingredients
convenience foods
foods that have already been made and are easy to use
speed scratch cooking
uses a few convenience foods along with basic
natural foods
those that have been minimally processed and contain no artificial ingredients or added color
organic foods
produced without pesticides
food cooperative
food distribution business mutually owned and operated by its members
perishable foods
can be found on store walls, refridgerated items, can spoil or decay fast
impulse buying
buying items you didnt plan to purchase
open dating
uses calendar date, usually found on perishable foods
the last day the item can be sold in stores
the last day it can be used
Universal Product Code
bar code read by scanner at checkout
comparison shopping
matching two items that are similar and comparing which one is the best
unit price
an items price per ounce, quart, or gram
a partial fund from the maker of a purchased item,