Nursing Fundamentals Chapter 12

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Nursing Fundamentals Chapter 12

Diagnosing Ch Apter Nu

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The cluster of signs and symptons that indicate the presence of a particular diagnostic label
Defining characteristics
Physician prescribed therapies and treatments
Dependent functions
Statement or conclusion regarding the nature of a phenomenon
Standardized NANDA names for diagnoses
Diagnostic labels
Causal relationship between a problem and its related or risk factors
Relates to the client's preparedness for implementing behaviors to improve their health condition
Health promotion diagnosis
Areas of health care that are unique to nursing
Independent functions
Generally accepted measure, rule, model or pattern
Client's problem statement, plus etiology
nursing diagnosis
the basic three part diagnosis statement
PES format
Added words to give additional meaning to a diagnostic statement
Indicate that a problem is likely to develop without nursing intervention
Risk Factors
Clinical judgment that a problem does not exist, but that a problem is likely to develop without nursing intervention
Risk nursing diagnosis
Generally accepted norm
Diagnosis that is associated with a cluster of other diagnoses
Syndrome diagnosis
Classification system
Describes human responses to levels of wellness in an individual, family or community
Wellness diagnosis