Newton's Laws, Simple Machines, Work And Energy

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These Flash Cards Are Designed To Help The JMSO 8th Graders Study For Their Physical Science Test.

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What is potential energy?
Energy due to position or condition (stored energy). Example: holding a rock at the top of a roof
What is kinetic energy?
Energy in motion Example: a ball going through a hoop
What is an example of a first class lever?
A seesaw - fulcrum is in the middle.
What are some examples of simples machines?
Inclined Plane, Lever, Pulley, Wedge, Wheel and Axle
What is does the law of the conservation of energy tell us?
Whatever energy you put in is the same amount of energy you get back. No energy disappears or is added.
If a man lifts a box onto a truck and another man pushes the same box up an inclined plane into the truck - Who does more work?
Neither - they both do the same amount of work. Work = Force x Distance
What is Newton's 3rd Law?
For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
What is Newton's 2nd Law?
Force = Mass x Acceleration
What is Newton's 1st Law?
An object in motion stays in motion until acted on by another force?
How does a lever make work easier?
A longer lever increases the distance reduces the the force. W = Force x Distance
What is an example of a 2nd class lever?
A wheelbarrow. Fulcrum is at the end, resistance is in the middle, effort is at the end.
What kind of simple machine is a screw?
An inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder.
What is an example of a 3rd class lever?
A shovel. Fulcrum at one end, effort force in the middle, resistance at the end.
If a large brick and a small rock were dropped at the same time, which would hit the ground first?
Both will hit the ground at the same time because gravity is pushing them at the same rate.
What does aerodynamic mean?
It means that an object has very little drag/air resistance.
What type of nose cone worked best in our rocket tests?
A pointed cone worked the best.
Why does a rocket need wings?
To stabilize the rocket
Where does some energy go when we do work?
It turns into heat.
How does a pulley make work easier?
It changes the direction of the force.