NCCT Test Review For Medical Assistants (pharmacology)

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NCCT Test Review For Medical Assistants (pharmacology)

NCCT Test Rev Iew For

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What license must a physician have to dispense, prescribe, or administer controlled substances?
Physicians with a narcotics license are required to register on June 30 of each year with?
Drug Enforcement Agency
A drgu that causes vomiting is called?
an emetic
A drug used to relieve a cough is called?
A drug used to control temperature is called?
A drug that reduces anxiety is called a?
A drug that causes dilation of blood vessels is called a?
A drug that decreases congestion is called a?
A date on a bottle of medication that assures it's potency is?
an expiration date
DRugs used in treatment of a condition to relieve symptoms are?
therapeutic drugs
An atiseptic drug ________________________.
Inhibits growth of microorganisms
All prescriptions written for controlled substances in ScheduleII must be wholly written and ____________________.
cannot be refilled
If the physician says to administer an emetic to the patient immediately, you should get a?
drug that causes vomiting
The amount of medicine that is prescribed for administratin, is known as the?
Insulin syringes are calibrated in?
A drug that affects the nervous system to relieve pain. It may be narcotic or non-narcotic.  It is called an?
What schedule of drugs has a high potential for abuse and is not accepted for medical use in the U.S.?
schedule I  
Which type of drug relieves allergic symptoms?
Aspirin and acetaminophen are examples of?
Drugs used to relieve complicated emotional tension are called an?
antipsychotic drug
A serum used to lessen the effects of the toxins or poisons produced by bacteria is called an?
A drug that increases urinary output is called a?
A kind of liquid preparatino which fine droplets of an oil in water, such as castor oil, is called an?
Drugs dissolved in a solution of sugar and water and then flavored are called?
Drugs that have been mixed with liquids, but not dissolved are called?
mixtures or suspensions
Digoxin is used for?
cardiac problems
Nitroglycerine is used for?
treatment of angina pectoris
Thorazine is used to?
reduce mental tension and anxiety
Hydrocortrisone is an?
anti-inflammatory drug    
Schedule I drugs include?
substances that have no accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse
Schedule IV drugs include?
minor tranquilizer and hypnotics that have a lesser potential for abuse    
Schedule V drugs include?
miscellaneous mixtures containing limited amounts of narcotic drugs
The ____________ name of a drug is its official name.
trade or brand
Which is not a solid oral dosage form?
A glass container holding medication in either liquid or powerder form i called an?
A chemical agent that kills vegetative forms of bacteria is called?
To inject large amounts of medication in the muscle tissue, use the?
A small adhesive patch or disc used for administration of drugs is called?
a transdermal system
____________________ injections are used in allergy and tuberculin testing.
The buccal or sublingual method of administering a drug is done by?
playcing the medication between the gum and cheek
Oxygen is ordered as percentage of oxygen concentratin and?
liters per minute
A drug used to increase the secretions and mucus from the bronchial tubes is called?
A drug used to control bleeding; a blood coagulant is called?
A drug that produces sleep is called a?
An inactive substance substituted in place of the actual drug to satisfy the patient is called a?