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Article 10
Ethical Conduct
Article 11
Conduct and Employment of Athletics Personnel
Article 12
Article 13
Article 14
Article 15
Financial aid
Article 16
Awards benefits and expenses
Article 17
Playing and practice sessions
Article 18
Championships and post-season football
Article 19
Article 20
Division Membership
Article 21
Article 22
Athletics Certification
Article 23
Academic Performance Program
NCAA core purpose
the organizations reason for being; to govern in a fair, safe, equitable and sportsmanlike manner, to intergrate intercollegiate sports into higher education
NCAA core values
essential and enduring principles that guide an organization; balance of social, academic and athletic experiences, highest levels of sportsmanship and integrity; pursuit of excellence in sports and athletics
What is the flying wedge and how did it change athletics
football tactic, when president Teddy Roosevelt saw this he immediately ordered reform for the sport
What is the next biggest intercollegiate governing body?
What is the NCAA's organizational structure?
Bottom Up
In what year did the IAAUS change its name to the NCAA
What is the sanity code
rules made by NCAA to regulate recruiting and to regulate the paying of college athletes after WWII; back then to have a sanction, it took 2/3 vote
Who was the NCAA president from 1951-1987
Walter Byers
In what year did the NCAA create different divisions, division 1 sub divisions
1973 for D1-D2-D3, 1978 for D1A- D1AA
What year was the first televised football game
What day gave the NCAA a change in governance and gave more power to the presidents of member institutions?
Aug 1 1997
It is the responsibility of each members institution to _________ its intercollegiate athletics program in compliance with the rules and regulations of the association
The institutions ___________ is responsible for the administration of all aspects of the athletics program including the approval of the budget and audit of all expenditures
president or chancellor
Each NCAA institution shall ______ its programs to assure compliance and to ________________ and ___________ to the association instances in which compliance has not been achieved
monitor, identify - report
Administrative control or faculty control, or a combination of the two shall constitute _________  ___________
Institutional Control
History of institutional control:   Pre 1990's - __________ Post  90's - ____________
Pre- Tag on ( added on to an infraction) Post - own major infraction
What are the three tings institutional control analysis attempts to do?
measure committment to compliance explain why violation occured evalute the atmosphere of complaince
what are the 4 pillars of institutional control
1. compliance systems 2. committment to complaince 3. rules education 4. monitoring/enforcement
Determination of whether an institution is exercising proper institutional control involves an extremely __________ ________ _________
fact sensitive analysis
institutional control analysis involves control at all levels including
president, ad, coaches
what is sports wagering?
putting something at risk in return for the opportunity to win something
what is the sport wagering law
bylaw 10.3
what are the first 6 articles in the ncaa manual called
the constitution
what are articles 10-23 of the ncaa manual called
the operating bylaws
what are articles 30-33 in the ncaa manual called
administrative bylaws