NC History Ch. 1 Study Guide

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NC History Ch. 1 Study Guide


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From east to west NC covers about ___ miles
NC is just about the same size as ___.
What are the 3 regions of NC?
Coastal Plain, Piedmont, Mountains
"Graveyard of the Atlantic"
This region contains the state's military bases.
Coastal Plain
3 capes
Cape Fear, Cape Lookout, Cape Hatteras
sandy soil has made this area the state’s prime agricultural region
inner coastal plain
sandhills area, noted for its golf courses
inner coastal plain
Center of manufacturing region for the state
major universities
Duke, UNC Chapel Hill, NCSU
contains rolling hills, hardwood forests, mineral deposits, and swift-flowing streams
last area of the state to be settled & Mining is an important activity
Main Inlets
1) Oregon 2) Hatteras 3) Ocracoke
5 major sounds
 1) Currituck 2) Albermarle 3) Pamlico 4) Core 5) Bogue Pamlico/ Albermarle are the largest
___ is the only river that flows into the Atlantic
cape fear
All the natural lakes are located in the ___ region
coastal plain
NC’s climate is ___, which  produces distinct changes in the seasons and supports a wide variety of flora and fauna
 humid subtropical
3 types of windstorms
 1) hurricanes 2) tornadoes 3) thunderstorms
___ are most common
A storm becomes a hurricane when the winds reach more than ___ mph.
Hurricane season runs from ___
June to October
___ have resulted in a wide range of crops/ trees in our state
fertile soil, subtropical climate, abundant rainfall, mild temperatures