Natural Disasters

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the earths crust is composed primarily of...
aluminum- rich silicate
plate tectonics is driven by energy from...
the earths internal heat
which zone of the earths interior is liquid?
outer core
the rigid tectonic plates move over the upper mantle (asthenosphere) which is..
which part of the earth is LEAST dense?
continental crust
the earths magnetic field is the result of..
movements in the inner and outer core
the earth's tectonic plates move toward each other at..
convergent boundaries
hit mantle rises toward the surface at
mid-ocean ridges
at subduction zones
the ocean crust is melted and destroyed 
continents are higher than the ocean floor because
continental crust is lighter and thicker than ocean crust
in elastic deformation a solid will
return to its original shape when stress removed
the energy released during an earthquake was stored previously in
elastic strain 
a fault formed by tensional stress is called a 
normal fault
which of the following describes seismic S waves?
shearing (sideways) motion
the first seismic waves to reach a distant recording instrument are
P waves
which seismic waves have a rolling (or circular) ground motion
Rayleigh waves
the time interval between the arrival of P and S waves can determine the 
distance to the epicenter
to determine the location of the epicenter of an earthquake you must have records from a minimum of
three seismograph locations
which is used to determine an earthquake's richter magnitude?
seismic wave height 
which measure of earthquake strength is useful for studying the history of earthquake before the use of seismic instruments?