Music Appreciation Romanticism

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Music Appreciation For The Romantic Era.  Questions Follow The Study Guide For Dr. Brawands Course At SDSU.

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What is Absolute Music?
Instrumental music having no intended association with a story, poem, idea, or scene; nonprogram music.
Who was a model for Romantic composers?
What is a short piece for piano called?
Character Piece
What is a great example for a character piece
Schumann   Estrella
What is Chromatic Harmony
Tones outside major and minor scale.
What type of music was considered "distant lands"?
Who was Franz Liszt?
A touring piano virtuoso
What was expressed when romantic composers deliberately created music with a specific national identity, using the folk songs, dances, legends, and history of their homelands?
Who was Pagini?
a touring violin virtuoso
Who inspired Liszt to virtuosity?
What was the favorite romantic age instrument?
Name 4 piano traits?
1. Frame2. Damper Pedal3. Hammers4. Range
The 19th Century was the great age of program music? T of F
What was program music?
Instrumental associated with a story, poem, idea, or scene.
Was a romantic orchestra usually larger?
The romantic orchestra did no vary in tone color? T of F
What is a slight holding back or pressing forward of tempo to intensify the expression of the music?
Who lived and died in Vienna?
Franz Schubert
Franz Schubert composed 600+ lieder. T of F
Who was the founder and editor of New Journal of Music?
Robert Schumann
Who was the composer of Carnaval?
Robert Schumann
What piece of Robert Schumann's music had 21 brief pieces?
Estrella was evident in Schumann's Carnaval
What is a song cycle?
grouped in a set
What are some violin techniques in Mendelssohn Cadenza?
1. Appregios2. Harmonics3. Trills4. Double stops
What is a double stop?
Two or more notes at once
What is an exmple of a program symphony?
Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique
When did the Stravinsky riot occur?
May 29th, 1913
Where did the Stravnksy riot occur?
Théâtre des Champs-Élysées in Paris