Muscles Chapter 6

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Muscles Chapter 6

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Name the 3 types of muscle tissue.
Cardiac Smooth Striated
Which muscle cells are elongated & what are they called?
Skeletal & Smooth They are called muscle fibers
What prefixes indicate a muscle is being referred to (medical terminology)
Mys & myo = "muscle" sarco = "flesh"
Which muscle fibers are cigar-shaped, multinucleate and makeup the largest of muscle fiber types?
What are skeletal muscles attached to?
Bones, skin and some facial muscles
What are cardiac muscles attached to?
Walls of the heart
What are smooth muscles attached to?
Mostly in the walls of hollow (visceral) organs (other than the heart). ex. stomach, bladder, respiratory passages
What is the cell shape and appearance of skeletal muscles?
single, very long cylindrical multinucleate cells obvious striations
What is the cell shape and appearance of smooth muscles?
single fusiform uninucleate no striations
What is the cell shape and appearance of cardiac muscles?
branching chains of cells uninucleate intercalated discs striations
Which muscle type is considered "voluntary"
Skeletal; it is the only muscle type subject to conscious control
Each muscle fiber is enclosed in a delicate connective tissue sheath called what?
What covering surrounds several sheated endomysium?
the perimysium form a bundle of fibers called what?
Many fascicles makeup what is called...
The epimysium, a connective tissue that covers the entire muscle
epimysia blend into strong, cordlike....
sheetlike tendons are called what
T/F cardiac muscle is found in many areas of the body.
False; cardiac muscle is found only in the heart.
Name the four important roles muscles play in the body
Produces movement maintains posture stabilizes joints generates heat
What is it called when a muscle is stimulated so rapidly that no evidence of relaxation is seen?
Muscle twitch
what energy source is used directly to power muscle activity
How many seconds worth of time does the muscle store in ATP
4-6 seconds; therefore ATP must be regenerated continuously if contraction is to continue
What is the name of the other unique high energy molecule called that is found in muscle fibers but not in other cell types?
Creatine Phosphate
When does muscle fatigue occur?
When a muscle is unable to contract even though it is still being stimulated. Without rest a muscle tires and contracts more weakly until it finally ceases reacting and stops contracting.
Muscle fatigue is believed to be a result of what?
Oxygen debt. A person is not able to take in oxygen fast enough to keep the muscles supplied with the oxygen they need when they are working vigorously.