Muscle Insertions And Origins

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Muscle Insertions And Origins

Muscle Insertion And Origins

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Origin: Mastoid Process of temporal bone
Insertion: Sternum and clavicle

Origin: cervical transverse processes
Insertion: 1st & 2nd ribsLongus Colli
Longus Colli

Origin: anterior body of cervical spine
Insertion: anterior body of cervical or upper thoracic spine

Origin: several muscles that runs between the occiput, C1, and C2 both on the anterior and posterior side
Erector spinae

Origin: run from iliac crest, sacrum, spine, and ribs longitudinally to
Insertion: spine, ribs, or occiput
Deep layer of spine (Multifidi & Rotators)

Origin: Spinous and transverse process
Insertion: one or a few vertebra down to spinous or transverse process
Rectus Abdominis

Origin: xiphiod process, anterior ribs
Insertion: pubic bone
External Oblique Abdominis

Origin: Lateral ribs
Insertion: Runs inferiormedially to the rectus sheath
Internal Oblique Abdominis

Origin: Rectus sheath, lower ribs
Insertion: Runs inferiolaterally to Iliac crest and thoracolumbar fascia
Transverse Abdominis

Origin: Rectus sheath
Insertion: thoracolumbar fascia, iliac crest lower ribs
Quadratus Lumborum

Origin: 12th rib, transverse processes of lumbar spine
Insertion: Posterior iliac crest
Levator scapulae

Origin: upper cervical transverse processes
Insertion: superior angle of scapula

Origin: occiput, spinous process C2-T12
Insertion: Spine of scapula, acromion, outer 1/3rd of clavicle

Origin: spinous process of upper thoracic
Insertion: medial border of scapula (runs inferiolateral to scapula)
Serratus Anterior

Origin: lateral ribs
Insertion: medial border of scapula - anteriorly
Pectoralis Major

Origin: medial clavicle, sternum, and anterior ribs
Insertion: Intertubercular groove of humerus (Lateral lip = greater tubercle)
Pectoralis Minor

Origin: Anterior upper ribs
Insertion: coracoid process
Latissimus Dorsi

Origin: spinous process T7-T12 and thoracolumbar fascia, iliac crest
Insertion: Intertubercular groove of humerus (medial lip = lesser tubercle)

Origin: Lateral clavicle, acromion, spine of scapula
Insertion: deltoid tuberosity of humerus

Origin: supraspinous fossa
Insertion: Greater tubercle of humerus

Origin: lateral posterior scapula
Insertion: Greater tubercle of humerus

Origin: subscapular fossa
Insertion: Lesser tubercle of humerus
Teres minor

Origin: lateral posterior scapula
Insertion: Greater tubercle of humerus
Teres major

Origin: inferior angle of scapula
Insertion: Intertubercular groove of humerus (Medial lip = lesser tubercle)

Origin: coracoid process
Insertion: medial mid-humerus
Biceps brachii

Origin: LH - supraglenoid tubercle, SH - coracoid process
Insertion: radial tuberosity

Origin: anterior humerus
Insertion: ulnar tuberosity and coranoid process

Origin: lateral distal humerus
Insertion: radial styloid
Triceps brachii

Origin: LH - infraglenoid tubercle, other heads - posterior humerus
Insertion: Olecranon process

Origin: lateral epicondyle of humerus
Insertion: Olecranon process
Pronator teres

Origin: medial epicondyle
Insertion: anterior mid-radius
Flexor carpii radialis

Origin: medial epicondyle
Insertion: 2nd metacarpal - palmar side
Palmaris longus
Origin: medial epicondyle
Insertion: Palmar fascia
Flexor carpii ulnaris

Origin: medial epicondyle
Insertion: 5th metacarpal - palmar side
Flexor digitorum superfacialis

Origin: medial epicondyle
Insertion: middle phalanx of 2 - 5 fingers.
Flexor digitorum profundus

Origin: anterior forearm
Insertion: distal phalanx of 2 - 5 figners
Flexor pollicus longus

Origin: anterior forearm
Insertion: distal phalanx of thumb
Pronator quadratus

Origin: anterior distal ulna
Insertion: anterior distal radius
Extensor carpii radialis longus

Origin: Lateral epicondyle
Insertion: 2nd metacarpal - posteriorly
Extensor carpii radialis brevis

Origin: Lateral epicondyle
Insertion: 3rd metacarpal -posteriorly
Extensor digitorum

Origin: Lateral epicondyle
Insertion: distal phalanx of 2 - 5 fingers (via extensor hood)
Extensor digiti minimi

Origin: Lateral epicondyle
Insertion: distal phalanx of 5th finger (via extensor hood)
Extensor carpii ulnaris

Origin: Lateral epicondyle
Insertion: 5th metacarpal - posteriorly

Origin: proximal ulna
Insertion: proximal radius
Outcropper muscles
Origin: posterior forearm
Insertion: 3 to thumb; 1 to index finger