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The admission of missouri as a slave state was controversial in the senate because?
it would upset the balance.
Henry clays compromise became known as the what?
missouri compromise
the what  endorsed the wilmot proviso?
Free-soil party
Enforcement of the fugative slave act led to what?
more anger in the north.
Who became president in 1853?
Franklin pierce.
Stephen A. Douglass proposed letting the people decide about slavery through what?
popular sovereignty
In the congressional election of 1858, the senate race in what state was the center if national attention?
The main topic of the Lincoln-Douglass debates was what?
Who was not a presidential canidate in 1860
John c calhoun
Southerners justified secession with what?
the teory of states rights.
The main issue of the election of 1844 was the annexation of what state?
what specified that slavery should be prohibited in any lands that might be acquired from mexico.
Wilmot proviso
A person could be $1000.00 or be imprisioned for breaking the law as stated in the what? 
Fugitive slave act
the book by harruet beecher stowe that showed slavery as a brutat, cruel system was what?
uncle toms cabin
what territiory was the first territory to shed blood in a civil war over slavery?
in the election of 1856, the presidency was secured for james buchanan by what?
southern votes
the supreme court decision that divided the nation even more was the what?
dred scott case
Douglas`s stand that the people could exclude slavery by refusing to pass laws protecting slaveholder`s right became known as the what?
freeport doctrine
the 1860 presidential canidate whose name did not appear on the ballot in most southern states was who?
Abraham lincoln
Who was the senator from kentucky who tried to save the union by proposing a last-m,inute compromise.
John Crittenden
"Free doil, free speech, and fremont" was a campaign slogan by the what during the presidential election of 1856?
republican party
After the lincoln-douglas debate, who won the election to the seat of u.s. senators from illinois
Stephen douglas