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Birth of Impressionism 
Salon des Refuses in 1863
What artist and what paintings caused controversy in the Salon in Paris in 1863/1865?
Edouard Manet"Le Dejeuner sur l'Herbe" - 1863"Olympia" - 1865
What is this?
"Le Dejeuner sur l'Herbe"Manet 1863Impressionism 
What is this?
"Olympia"Manet 1865Impressionism
Where is the term "Impressionism" from?
Name of the first exhibition in 1874
Impressionism subject matter
"en plein air" landscapeslife of contemporary urban middle class (outdoors)lack of political/social engagement
Impressionism style and technique
Light had an important roleFast brushstrokesSketch-like stateTheory of complementary colorsShade & reflection of the surrounding colors
What is this?
"Impression, Sunrise"Monet1872Impressionism 
What is this?
"Women in the Garden"Monet1866-7Impressionism
What is this?
"Ball at the Moulin de la Galette"Renoir1876Impressionism
How is Degas' style different than other impressionists?
Modern reality of indoor scenes of urban lifeUnique photographic framing technique Casual glimpsesJockeys and ballerinas
What is this?
"The Dance Class"Degas1874Impressionism 
What is this?
"At the Races"Degas1866-8Impressionism
Who were the woman impressionist artists?
Berthe Morisot and Mary Cassat
What years did post impressionism take control of?
1886 - 1905
What was the main difference between impressionism and post impressionism?
Switched from external vision to inner vision
Who were the four fathers of post-impressionism and what were their main attributes?
1. Cezanne - Solid architectural geometries2. Van Gogh - Visionary Painting3. Paul Gauguin - Synthetic Research4. Seurat - New theory of color perception
What was Seurat's style called and what is it?
Pointillisme - The flattening of three-dimensionalityEffect of timeless and ideal beauty.
What is this?
"A Sunday at La Grande Jatte"Seurat1884Post Impressionism
What is this?
"Le Chahut"Seurat1889Post Impressionism
What is Cezanne known for?
Solid primary formsPictorial experimentation and new perspective Multiple points of view
What is this?
"The Card Players"Cezanne1885-90Post ImpressionismUnique perspective
What is this?
"Woman with a Coffeepot"Cezanne1890-95Post ImpressionismPerspective is off
What is this?
"Plate of Apples"Cezanne1887Post ImpressionismSolid geometric forms
Who was Van Gogh inspired by early on?
Courbet and Daumier
How do you describe the change Van Gogh went through after his arrival in Paris?
More powerful color paletteFrustrated by all the hopes and expectations he hadRefusal of impressionism Colors turned into forms with long brushstrokes 
What is this?
"Potato Eaters"Van Gogh1885Post Impressionism 
What is this?
"Night Cafe"Van Gogh1888Post Impressionism 
What is this?
"Starry Night"Van Gogh1888Post Impressionism 
When was the birth of Symbolism and what is it?
1886The reality holds another, more meaningful, spiritual reality that can be communicated only through artState of mind, not a movement or style
What are Gauguin and Bernard credited for?
The birth of synthetism (Gauguin) and cloisonnisme (Bernard)Dark contours outlining areas of flat colorNo three-dimensionality
What is this?
"Vision after the sermon (jacob wrestling with the angel)"Gauguin1888Post Impressionism
What is this?
Breton Women on a WallBernard1892Post Impressionism
Difference between Van Gogh and Gauguin
Van Gogh: Distortion of realityGauguin: Pure symbol separate from real vision
What is this?
Landscape: The Bois d'Amour. The Talisman"Serusier (Follower of Gauguin- Nabi Group of 1888)1888Post Impressionism
Why did Gauguin and others escape Europe? Where did he go?
Refusal of the bourgeois morality and lifestyleBrittany, Tahiti, PolynesiaAway from codes of western culture
What is this?
Spirit of the Dead Watching. Manao TupapauGauguin in Tahiti1892Post Impressionism
What is this?
"Where do we come from? Where are we? Where are we going?"Gauguin in Tahiti1897Post Impressionism
Who are the fathers of german expressionism? 
Ensor and Munch during the Northern Episode
What is this?
"The Entry of Christ into Brussels"Ensor1888Post Impressionism - Northern Episode
What is this?
"Skeletons trying to get warm"Ensor1889Post Impressionism - Northern Episode
What Ensor is known for
Grotesque languagePower of caricatureMoral lesson
What Munch is known for
Dark fatalismDepression/AnxietyObsession with death as well as life and loveExpressive, strong colors
What is this?munch death and maiden
"Death and Maiden"Munch1893Post Impressionism - Northern Episode
What is this?
"The Scream"Munch1893Post Impressionism - Northern Episode
What are the key words describing art nouveau?
Elegance and symbolism
What happened in 1900?
The Vienna Secession Freud: The birth of psychoanalysis and relationship to the arts
What was the Vienna Secession?
Secession artists were in opposition to the old academic guardThey provoked scandal 
What is this?
"Jurisprudence" [Destroyed]Klimt for the Vienna University1903Art Nouveau 
What is expressionism? 
The style in which art is purely emotion and no thoughDepticting feelings, no situationStrong use of colorAbandonment of traditional perspective
What is Fauve?
Type of expressionismMeans "The Beasts"
1905 in Paris at Salon d'Automne
What is this?
"Lady in a Chemise"Andre Derain1905 Expressionism - Fauve
Important facts about Matisse
Leader of FauvismFree, new colors and lineFlat planes of pure colorsClashes of primary huesArabesque contoursSimplification of the human body
What is this?
"The Woman with the Hat"Matisse1905Expressionism - Fauvism
What is this?
"Le Bonheir de vivre" (The Joy of Life)Matisse1906Expressionism - Fauvism
What is this?
"Dance II"Matisse1910Expressionism - Fauvism
What is this?matisse music
"Music"Matisse1910Expressionism - Fauvism
What is Die Brucke - The Bridge?
German expressionismDramatic interpretation of reality - subjectiveACID COLORSOpposition to impressionism Inpsired by Van Gogh, Ensor, Munch
What is this?kirchner 5 women in the street
"Five Women in the Street"Kirchner1913Expressionism - The Bridge
What is this?Nolde dance around the golden calf
"The Dance around the Golden Calf"Nolde1910Expressionism - The Bridge
Who is the Italian expressionist?
Lorenzo Viani
What is primitivism? What artists were inspired by it?
inspired by ancient civilizations, medieval and african artsimplified languageGauguin, Picasso, Matisse
Who coined the term "cubism"?
Louis Vauxcelles - wrote that Braque reduced everything to cubes
What is cubism?
New pictorial languageAnalytical and synthetic phasesCombines Cezanne with GauguinPlanes set parallel to the picture surfaceMultiple points of view
What is this?
"The Blue Nude"Matisse1907Primitivism
What is this? picasso medical student, sailor, and five nudes in a bordello
Medical Student, Sailor, and five nudes in a bordelloPicasso1907Primitivism
What is this?
Les Demoiselles d'AvignonPicasso1907Primitivism
What is this?braque nude
What is this?
The Three WomenPicasso1908Cubism
What is this?
Landscape at L'EstaqueBraque1908Cubism
What is this?portrait of ambroise vollard picasso
Portrait of Ambroise VollardPicasso1911Cubism
What is this?braque the portuguese
The Portuguese (The Emigrant)Braque1911Cubism
What is this?braque fruit dish and glass
Fruit Dish and GlassBraque1912Cubism
What is this?
Still Life with Chair CaningPicasso1912Cubism