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Model United Nations 1st Quiz

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When was the UN founded and how many members did they have
June 26th 1945 and there were 50 members that signed but 51 members all together , one later signed
Why did the 51st member not sign the same time as the other members?
It was because the 51st member was Polland and they hadn't established a post war government after world war two.
Where was the UN became legite.
San Fransisco confrence of 1945
What year did the United Nations become official or become enforced?
October 24th 1945
What are the six organs of the UN and what are their abreviations?
1. General Assembly - G.A. 2. Security Council - S.C. 3. Secretariat 4. Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) 5. Trusteeship Council (T.C.) 6. International Court of Justice (I.C.J.)
What does the General Assembly do?
- deliberative body of the UN - all representatives from governments meet for three months each fall and review reports from other five organs -they make recommendations on a wide range of international questions - approve the U.N. budget and apportion expenses - each member has one vote - most decisions are made by simple majority but important decisions must require two thirds vote - takes recommendations from the security council and appoints secretary general
What does the Security Council do?
- primary responsibility is international peace and security -has the power to back up declaration swith actions to ensure compliance with them - there are 5 perminant members and ten elected every two years by the general assembly . -for something to pass it must have a yes by all of the p5 members if one says no then its defeated
Who are the P5 ?
1. US 2. Russia 3. The United Kingdom 4. France 5. China
What does the Secretariat do?
- lead by secretary general headquarters in New York, 2nd in Geneva -staffed with 15,000 international civil servants
What secretary general have been from Africa?
Boutros Boutros-Ghali of Egypt (1992-1996) Kofi Annan of Ghana (1997- 2007)  
Who is the current Secretary General?
Ban ki Moon - from south korea
What does the Economic and social council do ?
- coordinate the economic and socizal work of the un - there are 54 members that each have 3 year terms - oversees five regional economic commissions     - women status, population, sustainable development - have committes on program coordination and non governmental organizations - holds sessions for 4-5 weeks a year
Trusteeship council
- has the p5 members - original jurisidiction was over 11 former colonies - after these colonies got their independence its fate is idle
International Court Justice
- 15 judges - 9 year terms - world court - resides at The hague, netherlands - can issue advisory opinions
what african secretary general came up with the blue helmet ? and what was the blue helmet?
the blue helmets represented peace keeping "peace keeping helmets" and they were issued by Boutros Boutros-Ghali
What were the reasons for having the five permanent security members?
They were the main founding members so they carved themselves a seat as perminant, they were most powerful and thats why they are in charge of keeping international peace security.
1. United Nations Conference on Trade and Development 2. 3. International Monetary Fund
1. United Nations Development Programme 2. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development 3. Office of the High commissioner for Human Rights
1. WFP 2. WTO 3. ICC
1. World Food Programme 2. World Trade Organization 3. International Crimminal Court
1. International Court of Justice 2. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees 3. International Atomic Energy Agency
1. International Labor Organization 2. International ______ organization 3. 4. World Health Organizations