Mod C Unit 3 Lecture

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Mod C Unit 3 Lecture

Mod C Unit 3 Lecture Review

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what is another name for commercial insurance
what kind of hospital has interns and residents
teaching hospital
what kind of nursing care is needed by a patient who is dying
what kind of machines do electrocardiograph techs operate
what does the eeg machine record
activity of the brain
what type of nurse usually works at a nursing home
practical nurse
who works with patients who have diseases of the bones, joints and nerves to restore function
physical therapist
who assists doctors with the primary care of patients
physician assistant
what is a phlebotomist trained to perform
a dietitian specializes in what
diet and nutrition
which of the following provides direct patient care
registered nurse
which of the following is skilled in testing body tissue
lab technician
basic insurance policies are also know as
hospitalization insurance
major medical coverage is effective after which of the following
the initial policy has reached its limit
how long is the waiting period for disability benefits
2 weeks
who fills out the forms for disability benefits
what does special risk insurance cover
backache, hepatitis, anemia
to get the highest amount of money payable the medical assistant needs to be familiar with
CPT codes
where are diagnosis codes found
the most common insurance claim form is called