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Two types of data for mkt purposes
1. primary data - data collected for its own purpose; support for mkt decisions
2. secondary data - data collected for one use, but used for another purpose
Research tool: survey
consumers respond to predetermined set of research questions; opened-ended or rating scale; conducted in person, mail, phone, Web
Research tool: focus groups
groups of 6-12 people to discuss an issue or offering; participants express opinions, insights into products
Research tool: interview
can be direct contact w/ consumers; appropriate when discussing sensitive, embarassing, confidential topics; nonverbal cues can be observed
Research tool: storytelling
tell mkters stories about experiences w/ product; provides relevant info to market product; real stories of real consumers
Research tool: photography & pictures
Consumers shown pics of experiences consumers have had in order to help consumers remember and tell experiences; may be asked to draw pics that represent their thoughts and feelings
Research tool: diary
diaries provide important insights into behavior; reveal how friends and family affect consumers' decisions
Research tool: experiment
conduct experiences to determine whether certain mkt affect consumer behavior; learn consumers' attitudes toward a brand based on certain factors
Research tool: field test
market test: reveals whether an offering will sell in a market; find which mkt mix will enhance sales
Research tool: conjoint analysis
determine relative importance and appeal of an offering's attributes; find out how important each attribute is and what level consumers prefer
Research tool: observation
tracking software to trac which websites consumers visit; raises ethical questions about privacy
Research tool: purchase panels
tracking what consumers buy on cash registers
Research tools: database mkt
data mining: patterns in database for clues about consumer needs; collecting consumer data online; customize mkting efforts w/ data = helps retain customers and build sales
Types of consumer researchers: in-hous mkt research depts
info collected w/in company; minimizes corp leaks; less objective than outside research; biased research
Types of consumer researchers: external mkt research teams
design a specific research project; develop measuring insturemnts to get consumer response
Types of consumer researchers: advertising agencies
depts test advertising concepts; can ensure that ad is fulfilling its objectives BEFORE it is released
Types of consumer researchers: syndicated data services
collect and sell info collected
Types of consumer researchers: retailers
conduct consumer research by using purchase sales for a brand or product; track how consumers respond to discounts, coupons, etc.
helps improve service quality
Types of consumer researchers: research foundations
nonprofit org that sponsors reasearch that fit its org goals.
Types of consumer researchers: govt
mkters use government research (census data) for mkt purposes
Ethical issues in CB: positive
consumers have better consumption experiences; better designed products; improves relationships by learning consumers needs
Ethical issues in CB: negative
tracking consumer behavior in different countries is diffcult; can't compare data from different countries; higher mkt = higher product prices; invasion of privacy through tracking software; promising consumers privacy then selling info to other companies