Meteorology Test Ch. 5

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Meteorology Test Ch. 5


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Relative humidity in cities is usually _____ compared to rural areas.
What is the basic reason why condensation is not very important in causing a cloud droplet to grow to raindrop size?
condenation is too slow
Dew point is the temperature at which water vapor in the air begins to condense. The temperature inside a cloud would therefore be...
about equal to the dew point
The _______ cloud may have an "anvil head"
A ________ consists of two compartments each capable of holding 0.025 cm of water.
tipping-bucket gauge
When warm moist air moves over a cold surface, _______ fog may result.
Clouds, dew, and frost all form because air has become saturated. This condition of saturation is usually caused by...
the air being cooled
If ice crystals form in this cloud, they will experience the cloud environment as having a relative humidity of...
more than 100%
A halo around the Sun or Moon indicates the cloud _______ is present.
The necessary conditions for hail formation include strong upward vertical motion and...
large numbers of supercooled droplets
Of the following cloud types, which is most likely to produce the most rain?
A cloud type that develops as a consequence of local convection is...
A wintertime form of precipitation that consists of small ice particles is called...
none of these
The most common way for air to be cooled in order that a cloud may form is by...
rising and expanding
Freezing rain (ice storm) or sleet occurs when...
upper air is warm and surface air is cold
Which type of cloud is most likely to form a halo around the Sun or Moon?
This cloud sometimes produces mare's tails.
This growth from cloud droplet to raindrop occurs mainly because of...
collision and coalescence
The intensity of rainfall can be calculated with data from a...
weighing gauge
The cloud form that is best described as sheets or layers that cover much or all of the sky is termed:
Wind speeds in the city, compared to rural areas,  are...
about 25% less
Why are high altitude clouds always so thin?
very little water vapor is present
A cumulus cloud is recognized mainly by its...
obvious vertical dimension
Atmospheric electricity is believed to play an important role in...
collision-coalescence process
This fog results from adiabatic cooling
none of these (upslope)
The ______ may result in snow or rain.
Bergeon process
The word 'radiation' in the term radiation fog refers to...
radiant energy lost by the ground
Supercooled water is water which is...
still liquid at temperatures below 0degreeC
In order for water condensation to occur,
a and b
Clouds are classified and named according to their altitude and...
form or appearance
Clouds that form in air that is very stable will usually be...
Which one of the fogs listed below may be categorized as an evaporation fog?
steam fog
The conditions that persist along the West Coast of the US that are conducive to fog formation are,
moist air moving over a cold surface
Clouds and precipitation form in the air primarily due to...
air being cooled as it rises
Which of the following is not generally true of urban climates?
higher relative humidity
One aspect of the _______ theory relies on the fact that different-sized cloud droplets fall at different speeds.
collision-coalescence process
Which of the following does not contribute to urban-induced precipitation increases?
higher relative humidity in cities
Thunder and lightning are associated with the _______ cloud.
A _______ is a layer of dark gray clouds that produces precipitation.
The formation of raindrops by collision and coalescence of smaller cloud droplets is strongly inflenced by...
electrical charges on the droplets
Clouds which have extensive vertical dimensions are...
The most common source of cloud condensation nuclei is...
combustion by-products (pollution)
Condensation nuclei may be formed from...
all of the above
The _______ makes use of a spring balance.
weighing gauge
A ________ magnifies rainfall ten times.
standard rain gauge
"Anvil head" is a term applied to:
cumulonimbus clouds
The most important process for cloud formation in the atmosphere is...
cooling by expansion of the air
This fog is found in valleys at night and in the early morning:
radiation fog
Cumulus clouds...
all of these
The water content or volume of a raindrop is approx. ____ times that of a typical cloud droplet.
1 million
The cloud droplets in a cloud are formed by water vapor molecules and...
condensation nuclei
Dew is most likely to form on...
clear calm nights
Hail is most commonly associated with...
cumulonimbus clouds
The _______ cloud is confined to the middle height range.
Hail suppression:
relies primarily on cloud seeding with silver iodine
Pollutants may:
all of the above
The important difference between liquid droplets and ice crystals in a supercooled cloud is that ice crystals...
grow much more rapidly
Cloud seeding is used:
in all of the ways listed above
Which of these is a mid-level cloud?
none of these
The process by which a cloud droplet first forms is
Fog is usually a result of an air having been...
either a) or c)
Why do clouds represent a source of heat for the atmosphere?
cloud formation releases latent heat to the air
This method of frost prevention relies heavily on the release of latent heat of fusion:
Which of these clouds is least likely to produce precipitation that reaches the ground?
Cloud seeding experiments have yielded the result of...
all of the above
Freezing nuclei are part of the...
Bergeon process
Cloud seeding with silver iodine is based on the...
Bergeon process
On which day of the week would someone living in or downwind of a city expect the least precipitation ( on averagre)?
The _______ is associated with supercooled clouds.
Bergeon process