Meteorology Chapter 3

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Meteorology Chapter 3


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Which American state has the lowest recorded high temperature?
The highest accepted temperature record for the United States is 134 degrees F and was set at...
Death Valley, California.
The _________ is identical to a thermocouple.
none of these .
Which of the following statements is true?
none of these is true.
A poleward moving (northward moving in the Northern Hemisphere) ocean current is...
a warm current.
Daily and seasonal temperature cycles depend primarily on...
the combined effects of solar and terrestrial radiation.
What is the usual influence on land surface temperatures due to the phase changes of water that occur there?
Locations on Earth which have the largest annual temperature change from summer to winter are...
at high latitudes.
The number of degrees seperating the ice point and the steam point...
is identical for both Kelvin and Celsius scales.
Which temperature scale was developed first?
A location along a seacoast will probably have summer temperatures that are ________, compared to an inland location.
Temperatures at the Earth's surface tend to decrease when solar radiation ...
is less than the Earth's outgoing radiation.
The lag of extreme temperatures with respect to minimum or maximum values of solar radiation is due to...
the influence of the total radiation balance.
A small dumbbell-shaped index is part of the ...
minimum thermometer.
The most important cause of temperature variations is...
differences in receipt of solar radiation.
In the course of an average 24-hour period, the ocean will warm...
less than 1 degree C.
is a form of energy.
The annual range of temperature may be described as...
the difference between the average temperature of the warmest and coldest months.
The annual temperature range at most latitudes in the southern hemisphere is much smaller than in the northern hemisphere. Why?
There is more area covered by water in the southern hemisphere.
Which statistic usually shows the greatest rural-urban temperature difference?
minimum temperature.
Summer temperatures along the California coast are cooler than along the coast of South Carolina due to the influence of...
ocean currents.
On a particular day, a place accumulates 15 heating degree days. What was the daily mean temperature on that day?
none of the above.
A primary reason why land areas warm up more rapidly than water areas is that...
on land, all solar energy is absorbed in a shallow layer.
The annual temperature range is quite small near the equator. This is true primarily because...
solar radiation is nearly uniform all year.
A location on a windward coast refers to a place where the prevailing wind is...
toward the land.
Over a one year period, how thick a layer in the ocean is subject to heating and cooling as the seasons change?
over 100 meters.
The minimum temperature usually occurs near sunrise because...
Earth experiences a net loss of radiation until then.
Reason(s) for the definite contrast in temperatures over land and water include(s)...
E) both b) and d).
The ______ instrument contains a liquid of low density such as alcohol.
minimum thermometer.
The ______ is often used in making a thermograph.
Bimetal strip.
Which of these factors influences the sensation of temperature that the human body feels?
D) all of these (a, b, and c).
A constriction in the glass bore is characteristic of the...
Maximum thermometer.
A primary reason for drawing isotherms on a map of temperature values is to allow...
recognition of temperature patterns.
Widely spaced isotherms indicate...
a gradual temperature change rate.
If water freezes at a temperature of 273degreeK, it must boil at what temperature?
A temperature CHANGE of 1 degrees C is how large of a change in F degree?
Since the equator-to-pole temperature contrast is the major cause of atmospheric circulations, you would expect wind speeds to be slowest in the...
A place located along a windward coast...
will probably have cooler summer temperatures than an inland place at the same latitude.
When comparing a place at the bottom of a mountain and a place 2500 meters up the mountainside, which of the following statements is correct?
C) both of the above statements are correct.
The annual temperature range at most latitudes in the Southern Hemisphere is much smaller than that in the Northern Hemisphere because...
there is a greater percentage of water surface in the Southern Hemisphere.
Which of the following cannot be calculated from daily mean temperature date?
E) c and d
The effect of urban heat production on the urban heat island is gretest in the...
Given that there is a linear relationship between the number of heating degree-days and fuel consumption, if the number of h.d.d tripled from one month to the next for a building, we would expect the fuel bill to...
The percent reduction in solar radiation reaching the suface in urban areas is greatest...
at high latitudes in winter.
The annual range of temperature may be described as the difference between the...
average temperature of the coldest month and warmest month.
The specific heat of water is high; what does this mean?
water must gain or lose large amounts of energy when its temperature changes.
Which month is most likely to be the hottest in the northern hemisphere?
An energy surplus in the atmosphere from solar radiation occurs...
in the afternoon.
How is the daily MEAN temperature affected by the presence of clouds?
If the maximum temperature for a particular day is 26degreeC and the minimum temperature is 14degreeC, the daily mean would be...
20 degreeC.
The heat transport carried out by air and oceanic circulations serves to...
E) both c) and d)
Two cities are located at the same latitude (40 degree). City A is in the Southern Hemisphere and City B is in the Northern Hemisphere. Assume both cities reflect the general characteristics of the hemispheres where they are located. Which city should have the warmer winter temperatures?
City A.
Refering to the two cities mentioned in the previous question, which city should have the higher annual temperature range?
City B.
The daily maximum temperature occurs at the time...
when outgoing radiation equals incoming.