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what is 2 x x written like?
what is another way of saying divide in algebra
Do you always have to use the x sign in algebra
A number x is multiplied by itself and then doubled.
x × x × 2 = x2    × 2 = 2x2
A number x is squared and then multiplied by the square of a second number, y.

    x2    × y2    = x2y2
Joan has a pencil case that contains x pencils. she has three other pencils. how many pencils does joan have in total?
Theresa takes 5 chocolates from a box with a large number of chocolates in it. How many chocolates are left in the box?
Let z be the number of chocolates in the box. Theresa removes 5 chocolates, so there are z – 5 chocolates left in the box.