The Listening Process

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The Listening Process

The Parts Of Listenin

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What are the five elements of the listening process?
hearing, attending, understanding, responding and remembering
What is hearing?
physiological dimension of listening, occuring when sound waves strike the ear at a certain frequency and loudness
What is attending?
psychological process that is part of the process of selection
What determines what is attended to?
needs, wants, desires and interests
Attending in beneficial to whom?
the message sender
What is understanding?
the process that occurs when we make sense of a message
True or False: It is possible to hear and attend to a message without understanding it at all.
What is responding?
responding to a message consists of giving observable feedback to the speaker
What is the major difference between effective and ineffective listening?
the kind of feedback offered
What is remembering?
the ability to recall information
What is the residual message?
what we remember, a small percentage of what is actually heard