Life Is Good Why Do We Feel Bad

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outbreak (n)
sth that suddenly starts to happen
 joviality (n)
the state of being happy and behaving in a cheerful way
beam (v)
have a big smile on the face
grin (v)
smily broadly
smile in an unpleasant way, often because one believes that they have gained an advantage over sb or knows sth that the other don't know
perk up (v)
become cheerful and lively after feelling tired, bored or depressed
great doubt about whether sth is true or useful
incivility (n)
apathy (n)
not seemingly interested in or enthusiastic about doing anything
gloom (n)
feeling of sadness and lack of hope
stark (adj)
harsh, unpleasant
wretched (adj)
pitiable because one is in an unpleasant situation or has suffered or has suffered unpleasant experiences
blast (v)
to explode, to suddenly surge
stingy (adj) 
unwilling to spend money, mean
ingrate (nO
sb who is ungrateful
affluent (adj)
having a lot of money
jump start (n)
The process of making something working quickly or effectively
a cool million (exp)
a very large amount  or number
prosaic (adj)
dull, uninteresting
dejected (adj)
miserable, unhappy
glum (adj)
sad and quiet because one is disappointed or unhappy about something