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What letter stands for the 9-10 library?

What letter stands for the 11-12 library?

Can books be ordered from the 11-12 library?

If you want to check out a book, make a copy, laminate something (ie. In library for a short time), what type of pass do you need?
teacher’s or student hall pass
If you want to go to the library to use a computer during study hall, what must be on the pass?
name date assignment teacher's signature
Where do you look to find information in books?
table of contents or index
What does “F” stand for in the card catalog?

In the card catalog, what types of books have numbers?

When working on a research paper, what type of book do you want to use, fiction or nonfiction? 

What does R stand for?

What is one example of a reference book?
encyclopedia atlas almanac dictionary
For how long are you allowed to check out a book?
20 school days
What does “PB” stand for?

What does “SC” stand for?

What does “B” stand for?

What is Southern’s home page address?
What is Wikipedia and can you use it when completing a research project?
an editable, user-created online encyclopedia   No, you cannot use it.
What can you find in the EBSCOHOST databases?
newpaper articles journal articles magazine articles images
What can you find in the SIRS database?
articles on social issues that have a pro and con side
When looking for articles to include in a research project on a current topic, how old should the articles be?
no more than 3 years old