Launching The Nation 2 By Holt, Rinehart And Winston

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In 1791 Congress passed a tax on American-made (___________) as part of a plan to help pay the federal debt.
The (____________ ____________) stated that the United States would not take sides with any European countries at war with one another
Neutrality Proclamation
Supreme Court Chief Justice (________ __________) was sent to negotiate a treaty with Great Britain for damages to American ships.
John Jay
Edmond Genet was disappointed when the United States refused to send (_____________) to help France fight the British
In his Farewell Address, George Washington warned against political divisions, foreign alliances, and public (_______)
Americans were satisfied with (_________ _________) because Spain agreed to change the Florida border and reopen the port at New Orleans.
Pickney's Treaty
In 1790 and 1791 a Native American group under the control of (_______ _______) defeated U.S. forces in the Northwest Territory.
Little Turtle
Many Americans supported the (________ _____________) because they believed the French were trying to create a democracy.
French Revolution
The (____________ ______________) ended the fighting between Native Americans and the U.S. and gave the government right of entry to Native American lands in the Northwest Territory.
Neutrality Proclamation
Farmers in wester Pennsylvania protested what they believed was an unfair tax in the (__________  _____________)
Whiskey Rebellion