Laboratory Tests For Bleeding Disorders

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Best single screening test for coagulation disorders
Partial Thromboplastin Time
Used to check extrinsic pathway. Thromboplastin is added as an activating agent.
Prothrombin Time
Screening for possible bleeding problems due to thrombocytopenia.
Platelet Count
Thrombin is added to the patient's blood sample as the activating agent.
Thrombin Time
This test is called a _______ test to see if a patient's blood mixes with a sample of pooled plasma.
Used to screen for disorders of platelet function and thrombocytopenia.
Ivy bleeding time (BT)
Normal and abnormal time for the test Thrombin Time.
Normal 9 to 13 seconds and abnormal would be 16-18 seconds.
Normal and abnormal times for Prothrombin Times include:
Normal is 11-15 seconds and abnormal is above 15 seconds.
What is the normal and abnormal times for activated partial thromboplastin time?
Normal would be 25-35 seconds and abnormal would be above 35 seconds.
Wthat are the normal and abnormal results for a platelet count test?
Normal would be 140,000-400,000mm and abnormal would be 50,000-100,000mm or below.