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Islamic Flash Cards

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Which surah does NOT start with Bismillallah Al Rahman Al Raheem?
Al Tawbah
How many articles of faith are there?
How many Times is Bismillallah Al Rahman Al Raheem mentioned in the Quran?
How many Surah's are in the Quran?
Which Surah is considered 1/3 of the Quran?
surah Iklas
The best month mentioned in Quran is?
Which surah is called the heart of the Quran?
What is the best food mentioned in the Quran?
What is the best drink mentioned in the Quran?
How many parts does the Quran have?
How many times is man mentioned in the Quran?
How many times is Woman mentioned in the Quran?
How many Pillars in Islam are there?
Name the Pillars of Islam?
Shahada Salaat Fasting Zakat Pilgrimage
Malaikah( Angel) is mentioned how many times in Quran?
How many times is Shaytaan mentioned in the Quran?
Sadaqah(charity) is mentioned how many times in Quran?
Life is mentioned how many times in the Quran?
Dunia is mentioned how many times in Quran?
The shortest surah in the Quran is ?
Al Kawthar
Which surah is the longest surah in the Quran?
Al Baqarah
How many names/Attributes does Allah have?
On which day will the Quran complain of people who DID NOT read it ?
Day of Judgement
6 Articles of faith
Allah - Believe God Almighty is One, Unique, Unlike His Creation, Perfect in every way; Not like or in His Creation -Angels - Made from light, follow Allah's orders perfectly, never make mistakes and are never disobedient (devil is not a fallen angel in Islam). -Books - Torah (Old Testament), Suhoof (Scriptures of prophets), Zabur (Psalms), Enjil (Evangel or New Testament), Quran (Recitation to Muhammad) -Prophets - Adam, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus, Muhammad, and others mentioned in Books, peace be upon them all. -Resurrection - All people, believers and disbelievers will be resurrected for Judgment Day in real flesh and blood bodies to be judged. -Divine Destiny - Allah has complete control of all that happens, both good and evil and He has full knowledge of it all.
How is your Prophet
Prophet Muhammad