Intro DH: Objective III Disclosing Agents

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- personalize patient instruction to locate and remove soft deposits
- allow for self-evaluation by the patient
- monitor teaching effectiveness
- prepare plaque indices and conduct research
- check plaque removal procedure
1. List the purposes for using a disclosing agent
- intense color and durable in intensity
- pleasant taste and non-irritating to the mucosa
- diffusible (to pour out and spread)
- possess astringent and antiseptic properties
2. Describe the properties of an acceptable disclosing agent
- apply disclosing agent or give table. instruct pt. to swish and rub the solution over the tooth surfaces with tongue
- examine each tooth surface for biofilm at the gingival margin. no attempt made to differentiate quantity of biofilm
3. Perform the disclosing technique with solution, rinse, and or tablet/wafer
Look further into this
4. Communicate information to the patient regarding the procedure
- transfer clinical observations to numerical values (quantity)
- communicate degree of oral cleanliness to the patient
- motivate the patient to perform according to prescribed procedures
- research data
5. List the purposes of the plaque Index
Purpose: to record prescence of biofilm on individual tooth surfaces to permit the patient to visualize progress while learning biofilm control
- All teeth are included. Missing teeth are identified on the record form by a single thick horizontal line
6. O'Leary Plaque Control Procedure/Record
- 4 surfaces are recorded: facial, lingual, mesial and distal
Scoring: total the number of teeth present, multiply by 4(or 6
                this gives you the # of available surfaces
- count the # of surfaces with biofilm, multiply by 100
and divide by the total surfaces available
10% or less biofilm stained surfaces can be considered a good goal
O'Leary Plaque Record Continued.....
# of surfaces with biofilm present x 100
# of total surfaces x 4 (or 6)

Your answer equals the % of biofilm surfaces
Formula for O'Leary Plaque Record
70 surfaces covered with biofilm x 100
25 teeth present x 4
Answer = 70% of teeth covered with biofilm
Purpose is to assess a patients OH by quantifying the amount of debris on specified teeth according to stated criteria
Example for O'Leary Plaque Record
Although 0% is ideal, less than 10% has been suggested as a guideline.
Interpretation of O'Leary Plaque Findings
Erythrosin- red dye in tablet or liquid form
                      stains soft tissue as well
Fluorescein Sodium- visible with UV light only
                                      more $ but doesnt stain soft tissue
Two-Tone- red: new biofilm
                     blue: older biofilm, does not stain soft tissue
2. Additional Note on Disclosing Agents