Human Development - A Life-Span View - Chapter 1

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Developmental Psychology - A Life Span View - Chapter 1

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Biological Forces
Include all genetic and health-related factors that affect developmen
Biopsychosocial Framework
Emphasizes that human development is more than any one of the basic forces considered alone. Rather, each force interacts with the others to make up development.
Continuity - Discontinuity
Concerns whether a particular developmental phenomenon represents a smoth progression throughout the lifespan (continuity), or a series of abrupt shifts (discontinuity)
Human Development
The multidisciplinary study of how people change and how they remain the same over time. 
Life-Cycle Forces
Reflect differences in how the same event affects people of different ages. 
Nature - Nurture
Involves the degree to which genetic or herediary influences (nature) and experiential or environmental influences (nurture) determine the kind of person you are. 
Psychological Forces
Include all internal perceptual, cognitive, emotional, and personality factors that affect development. 
Sociocultural Forces
Include interpersonal, societal, cultural, and ethnic factors that affect development. 
Universal versus Context-Specific
Concerns whether there is just one path of development or several.